Sunday, July 19, 2009


I love aprons. This is one I made for my niece from fabric left over from another project.

She is madly into pink, so I think this is perfect. My sister in law has just started to cook with her and was going to buy her a generic yellow apron for her birthday, but I told her I wanted to make her one.
She turns 3 this week and is having 2 parties. One with family members, the other with her "little" friends. Since I am going to both, I have got her a pink spatula for her 2nd present.
Aprons are really easy to make and make a great gift. I make them 2 sided, the back of this one is just plain white. Having the back just makes the whole apron feel like it's better quality, it's less flimsy adn will actually help stop anything staining the clothes.

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