Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hat stand

I have wanted a hat stand for so long. I always thought they were so cute, and would picture it just inside the door.

I decided as soon as we moved to our new place that I would get one. I told my husband and off I went to find one.

I had a limit in mind and looked at all the second hand shops near us for one. I was standing there looking around at the 4th shop that day, when I took 2 steps back and lo and behold, there it was. Right infront of my face!! And here I was looking everywhere but in front of me. I grabbed it straight away.

It had no price and as I waited in line, which was really long this day, I was thinking to myself "stick to your limit!!" I got to the counter and asked, petrified it would be more, but it wasn't it was $15!! WOOHOOO.

I love it to bits. We use it for so much. I was sick of my husband always throwing his work jacket on the lounge, along with all his work stuff. I was sick of not being able to find the nappy bag when I wanted to go, and now, everything has a place.

See? Here it only has a vest and jacket, but that has since been added to. My daughters hats, the nappy bag, our keys, everything hangs off it and it is brilliant.

And my husband thought it was stupid idea. Now he loves it! (Not quite as much as me though)

Tomorrow I am off to look at more furniture I want, that he is undecided about.

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