Friday, July 10, 2009

How to wax

Many people attempt waxing, but because they are not sure how to do it, they end up in a lot of pain, and find it rather messy.

Waxing is good because it removes the hair from the root, meaning longer time with no hair, unlike shaving, which cuts the hair at skin level.

It is painful, but following these steps can help a little with the pain. If you look closely at the above picture, you can see the direction the hair grows in. This is really important to notice when waxing.

Apply the wax in the same direction your hair is growing. The wax needs to be hot, but not so hot it burns your skin. Do a test patch when waxing, in an area that is not super sensitive, and not seen.

Next apply a strip of calico. Calico from a fabric store, cut into strips is fine to use.

Rub the calico on in the same direction as your hair growth. Rub it a few times, in these pictures, that means towards the toes.

Next, rip off the calico. This will hurt a whole lot less if you hold the skin taught with your other hand. Always remove the calico in the OPPOSITE direction of hair growth. Otherwise you wont effectively remove the hair. As soon as you have removed the calico, place your hand on the spot you have just waxed. This will help ease the pain a little. Blood rushes to the surface of the skin after waxing, and the hand with a bit of pressure helps your sensors think everything is ok.

And here is the finished result. Nice smooth skin.
A few things to remember when waxing though...
Always wax in the direction of hair growth.
Always remove in the opposite direction.
Do not wax over the same spot repeatedly. Do it once and if not all the hair is removed, use tweezers, otherwise you may cause blisters or sores. The skin is very sensitive after waxing, and you can even cause scarring if you do it again straight away.
Keep some baby oil on hand to help remove any wax residue.
Metholayted spirits will remove wax you get on tiles or a vanity. Apply to some paper towel or cotton balls. Hold it there for a few seconds, then wipe a bit to remove.

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