Thursday, July 30, 2009

My new/old furniture

So, because I said I would, here's what I got last week at the second hand shop. There's no real hidden gems, but I am really happy at the price I paid for it all.

To start with is our little laundry basket. It was driving me insane trying to find one. The space between the washing machine and dryer was 32cm, whereas all the baskets I could find were 34cm. GGRRRRR. When I walked into the op shop, and saw this, I grabbed it straight away. I was ecstatic when I borrowed a measuring tape and it was going to fit!!! WOOHOO.

This is my new sewing/craft cabinet, I so badly wanted something to store my bits and pieces, something other than cardboard boxes. It is the perfect size. There's locks, but no key. I am going to try a few old keys and see if they work, because it looks like it might. It is really solid, but has wheels, making it easier to move. As my husband was bringing it in, I saw a spider walking across it, and upon closer inspection... "Honey, put it down and grab a shoe!! There is a redback walking straight to you!!!" His reply "You do it! This thing is too heavy, I'm on a roll!"

I looked to where our shoes were, but the big cabinet was between me and the shoes. The the lightbulb in my brain came on. DUH!! You have shoes on your FEET! So I ripped one off and squished the spider. It took a couple of goes, and it was gross.

Funny, I've lived in Australia my whole life and this is the first time I have ever seen one. (Seen plenty of other scary spiders).

This is inside the cabinet, my fabric side I have decided. I will sort it out properly. I have plenty more to go in there.

The picture below is of the other side of the cabinet, which has shelves, so I will be using this side for my scrapbooking supplies. I am so excited to have this stuff out of boxes!Another item we bought was this kitchen pantry, well it was supposed to be my pantry, in the kitchen...

Instead, it is in the bathroom, being used as our linen cupboard. I have a range of ideas for this cupboard I am hanging out to do, it is just a matter of convincing my husband we should do them... Or maybe I will just do it when he is a work one day, hhmmmm....

And last, but not least is the sofa bed. It is surprisingly comfy. Not what you'd expect from one of these!

Yeah, I know the stuff isn't perfect, and it's old, but we're renting and it'll do us until we buy here and know what furniture we want and need.

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