Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cleaning with vinegar and bi-carb

I hate the strong smell of cleaning products. They just about make you pass out trying to clean the shower. A while ago I heard about using some bi-carb soda and vinegar. I was very skeptical, as I just could not believe that cleaning with them would be effective.

Well, check it out!

The picture above is of some tiles with soap scum on them. They were like this when we moved in. Yes, it is very minor, but little spots like this everywhere can make a place look dirty.

And ta da... All gone, and it was so easy. Sprinkle with bi-carb and spray with vinegar. I actually dilute my vinegar with water for cleaning. Use a scrubbing brush or cloth to scrub clean and all done. It is so easy and more effective than any cleaner I have ever bought.

It works really well on all surfaces, including the toilet and bath tub. It is so cheap and I see no reason to use all those stinky cleaning products anymore.

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