Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Frogs under the house!!

Oh, how I wish I had a camera yesterday. The photo's would be classic! Of all the times to forget to take it with me... tut tut tut.

Yesterday a plumber came to our house to check out a leak. It is the house we own and rent out, not the house we are living in. I met him there and was so shocked. My house was a swamp!

Ok, maybe I am exaggerating, but it was bad. The front yard DEFINATELY sank when I walked on it. It was so wet, all the plumber could do was look under the house with a torch and tell me he'll have to come back in a wet suit. There was too much water and "Gee, ya got alota frogs under there, hey?" Well, I guess my swamp theory is not an exaggeration.

But wait, there's MORE! The tenants had told us there was some sort of leak a little while ago, but they thought it was their washing machine (the plumber told me it is from the laundry, and is going under the house in a few days). So they had tried a few things with that before asking us to get a plumber.

The first we learnt of this was when they got foxtel/cable. The cable guy said it was really wet and there was a frog.

Well, yesterday my tenant told me the full story, laughing as he did so.

Apparently, when the cable guy went under the house, he rushed back and so fast. Why? "Mate, there is a CRAB under the house!" Luckily for us, our tenant is pretty fresh from Tonga and not at all fazed by this. Meanwhile, the cable guy would not go under, until the crab was gone. So our tenant grabbed some rocks and scared it away.

All I could think of when he was relaying the story to me was those giant crabs you see at the aquarium? Weird, huh. Funny things is, the tenant thought the cable guy's reaction was weirder than the crab under the house!

I know what your thinking, No way. That is impossible. But believe me, I have seen some weird creatures in this area. And no, I do not live near the sea.

Once, when I was living with my sister in law, we went to hang out the washing. We opened the blinds to the back sliding door and there on the porch was a huge goanna. Yes, a GOANNA! It was tapping it's claws, all creepy, like you tap fingers. Oh, it freaked me right out. Want to know our reaction? AAAARRRRRRGH. Shut the blind. Then stay inside and hope it leaves. It did. We figure it must've been soemones pet, as I was not living in the country, it was SYDNEY. And where we were goanna's and snakes, amongst other reptiles were common pets. Creepy, I know.

So there you have it. I am going back tomorrow, so hopefully, I will be able to get a picture!

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