Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's almost spring

I have been seeing blossoms like these for sometime now, indicating it is almost spring. Just a few more days! And what does spring generally mean? Sping cleaning! Woohoo, how much fun! NOT!

But seriously, it is a great time to go through the house thoroughly, declutter and re-organise your house. It doesn't have to be a long, drawn out experience. Just focus on one thing or area at a time and don't try to do it all at once.

You can look at the whole season to "spring clean". So if you focus on thoroughly doing 1 - 2 area's a week, by the end of spring you will have covered everywhere, without feeling like you have devoted your whole week to it.

Alternatively, you could attack it with a vengance and get it all done in a week.

Which ever way you chose, make sure you are thorough. If you are de-cluttering and want to sell things, get off your butt and sell them. Don't let them sit there to sell "one day". Do it now. (I need to do this now!) And if things don't sell, get rid of them. Too often we hold onto things that didn't sell, because we know what they are worth. The problem with that is, items are only worth what people will pay for them.

One thing I have found that is helping me when cleaning is having a box that is for items that do not belong here (which ever space I am doing.) I throw all items in it that need to go to other parts of the house, so I can focus onfinishing the space I am doing. That way, when I am done, I remove the box and sort it out somewhere else, so I am not cluttering up the just finished area.

This also prevents back tracking or going to the kitchen 10 times to return bowls or plates someone keeps leaving everywhere.

So I plan on doing a big clean this week and piling everything I am going to sell in one area, to list when I get back from Sydney. I haev already started on some areas, now to do the rest.

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