Saturday, August 29, 2009

More on is it worth it?

I realised later I forgot to mention a few things on my earlier post Is it really worth it? because I do them without thinking now.

I am a qualified hair dresser and beautician, so I do my own hair and beauty, along with my family. This saves us a lot. For example...

I used to spend $80 on waxing, and what I do to my hair would cost $90+ every 6 weeks.
My husband has his hair done every 3 weeks, as it grows fast and thick. All he has is a number 1 all over, but that is at least $20 at most places now.

So just between my husband and I we save just over $2,000 on hair and beauty by me doing it.

I also mend our clothes, saving us a lot on new clothes or paying to get them repaired. And since I can sew, I have made numerous things for us as well.

I also make some of the gifts we give. Even if you can't sew, if you can cook, or do paper crafts etc... there are plenty of things you can make. Homemade gifts mean more, as they take time and effort to make, but generally cost significantly less than the gift grabbed at the mall.

These are just a few things, as most of it is so second nature to me I do not even think about it being different or frugal to others. It's just how I do things.

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