Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My pathetic gardening attempts.

This is what is left of yet another pathetic gardening attempt. I must say, I am very impressed! I manage to kill everything I try to grow. These were planted last year and have miraculously survived. It's spinach and mint. mmmm, sound good? NOT! I do use them, not together, and would've preferred some other plants survive.

The only thing I have managed to keep alive is and aloe vera plant which has come in handy.

I dream of fruit trees and a large vegetable patch when we buy a house here, yet think I must be crazy, nothing I plant lives very long!

So yet again, I am going to try and grow something. I have some pots, and have decided to grow the herbs I use regularly, like parsley, rosemary, oregano etc... Some chillies, and maybe a fruit tree in a pot?

I have learnt a few things though. Banana peel in a bucket of water makes great fertiliser as does left over diluted baby formula. When I have remembered about my dying plants I have used either of these methods and revived them really quickly, but then forget about them again.

This time though, they are at my front door, so maybe I will do better.

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