Sunday, September 13, 2009

Buying in bulk

Recently I was told about a great online wholesale butcher, where I could purchase organic meat and it would work out to be about $13kg for the meat. Bargain I thought. When it arrived, I must say, I was a little disappointed. There was not as much meat as we thought, and it was mainly mince and sausages which I could have got cheaper at our local organic butcher.

But, not to worry, it was an experience and led me to redo some of my previous research. A while ago I had spoken to our local organic butcher about purchasing in bulk and what sort of discount would be available. At the time, if I purchased a whole rump, I could get 20% off. This weekend, I went back and enquired again, but was more specific about what exactly I wanted. Such as 10kg of mince, 10kg chicken breast, 10kg sausages, 10kg rump etc... As it turns out, they can do 20 – 30% off most things, and definitely 30% off the specific meats I enquired about, making it very cheap for organic meat.

My next step in my bulk buying attempts is bakery items. Not cakes and biscuits, but the flour, sugar, milk powder etc... My friend told me about a place her inlaws go to get their items in bulk, for a great price. So off we went. It is a bakery supplier, who also deals with the public.

When we got there, we were amazed. My friend had asked about the prices of some things, so we knew they were good, we just had no idea how much stuff he supplied. As it turns out, I am able to get flour, milk powder, baking powder, yeast, bi-carb soda and more all for less than the cheapest brands at Woolworths.
So, I have my meat, I have my baking supplies, what else?

Well, there is still toiletries, cleaning supplies, fruit and veg, plus those extra luxury items.

We went to a large warehouse, which with its normal prices is not cheap, but it’s specials are great. We purchased name brand cereal for less than no name, washing powder in a 10kg box for about the price of 3 x 500g boxes!

Our fruit and veg is slightly different. Some items, such as potatoes, onions etc... are cheaper when purchased in 10kg bags, but other items do not always get a discount. It is still worth asking though. We purchase items, then divide it up between us. Sometimes we can get boxes of discounted apples that can be stewed and preserved. It’s just a matter of looking around and asking.

I have found that buying in bulk is saving me a lot of money. Not only does it work out cheaper most of the time, (I only buy it if it does), but I am not running to the shops for 1 item, then ending up purchasing 5. I am not wasting petrol ducking to the shops regularly, and I know there is always something I can whip up to eat with my supplies.

It is a bigger amount of money to outlay initially when purchasing in bulk, but once you get into the swing of things, buying 1 or 2 items a shop in bulk, soon you will be able to build up your bulk supplies and will be reaping the rewards.

You don’t have the space for bulk supplies I hear you say? Well, soon I will be posting ways to help you get around this. Remember, I live in a 1 bedroom granny flat, no garage, with my husband and 2 kids.

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