Sunday, September 13, 2009

Creating space

As I have mentioned previously I am in a 1 bedroom unit. I do like it, even though many would hate it. I have been here for 2 months now and have been thinking about what ways I could create storage and utilise the space we have here.

One thing I have been longing for is a proper pantry in the kitchen. As you can see in the picture above, my current pantry is containers on my fridge and freezer. There is the space for a proper pantry, right where the fridge should be. You see, we moved the fridge from its space to the other side of the room (lounge, kitchen, dining are all open plan combined), where the door to the garage is. The garage is not ours and is blocked from the other side, so that door is not used. This has left us a space to put a pantry.

This afternoon, when I was thinking about it, I realised, that instead of traditional pantry cupboards, I would be better off with shelves. Why? Because I could use them in a garage when we eventually move from here and I would be able to put my microwave on one of the shelves, freeing up bench space. Also, since I have Tupperware containers, they will sit nicely on shelves and not look messy.

Some of the other things I have noticed around our place is we don’t use the space under the bed and cot properly. We could be storing all the girls toys and things under there, but it is just wasted space instead.

We have sold quite a few things to make room, and I have already done some things to utilise space, but there is more I will be doing in the next few months.

Some of the things I have done are...
1.) Placed a small bookshelf on a tall boy we have in the wardrobe. This bookshelf is where we keep the books I sell online.
2.) I have sorted shelves in the wardrobe and am using plastic storage containers to keep everything neat in there.
3.) We got a pantry cupboard to use in the bathroom as a linen closet. There was space between the door and the vanity unit, so that is where we put it.
4.) We also have a bedside table in the bathroom. It was already in the unit, so we keep extra bits and pieces in the drawers, things we use every day like shaving cream on the top of it and toilet paper under it.
5.) We have a container next to the toilet with our extra hand wash in it. I got some bottles from a friend, and yesterday I worked out we have a 2 year supply of liquid hand wash!
6.) We did not need the wardrobe to be all hanging space, so I got some of those hanging storage things from a friend to use in there. I place all my clothes that are folded in them and clothes that hang next to them.

Some of the things I will be doing are...
1.) Converting our lounge to have storage under it. It is an old lounge and I have been meaning to do this for ages. I will be using the empty space under where we sit. I am starting it tomorrow and will take pictures.
2.) I would like my girls to have a black board, but instead of buying one I am going to get some blackboard paint, paint the linen cupboard, then using some magnets and a pencil tin, have a container for the chalk on the side, so it is all kept neat in 1 place.
3.) We are buying some shelves and over the door storage things.
4.) I will be moving the microwave on top of the pantry shelves, when we get them, then will be using that bench space for some more shelves, which I will put my cookbooks and the like on.
5.) I will be getting a magnetic knife holder, which will enable me to get rid of my knife block.

There are more things I will do, but I will be doing the above list first.

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