Friday, October 30, 2009

Personal Training, Health and my new favourite book

This is where I get to work out and who is watching. That’s right, kangaroos! My personal trainer – Jodi from Supreme Health and Fitness, takes me up a hill when I don’t have my kids with me. It is such a good spot. It’s clean, the air is fresh and best of all, the only ones watching are the wildlife.

By the time we have walked up the hill, we are warmed up, so get straight into a session. We do a full circuit up there and I am amazed at what you can use to exercise with. It’s things you’d never even think of.

Other times when we train, it’s at her house, because I have 2 dd’s how are usually with me, and they love her kids, so they all play well together.

I have been going 3 times a week, and whilst I have only list 1 kg in 2 weeks, My clothes are all hanging looser. We are toning at the same time as dropping the weight. My aim is not just to be slimmer, but healthy. I’d like a more defined body.

I have also been reading Healthy Skin Diet And am amazed. I love this book because it is not just a diet. It is all about healthy eating, but explains more about how the body breaks down food, what it uses and needs, what it converts to in the body etc... It has truly been an eye opener. It does have an actual diet plan in it for an 8 week programme, plus some brilliant recipes.

I was recommended it by a few friends and thought, Oh, no, not another diet book! But I got it and LOVE it! So this, combined with my exercise, I should be looking pretty good by Christmas!

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