Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm sorry I missed doing a post yesterday, but it means you'll get a double shot today!

In our house we have a small round table, so the sort of centrpieces I like aren't really appropriate, that and my husband is not a fan of centrepieces. He does like this one though, and it is so easy.

All you need is a plate, 3 white candles in different heights and some christmas ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the candles however you like, place on the plate and that's it.

One thing I really love about this sort of centrepiece is it's versatile and can be used throughout the year for different holidays. For Valentines Day you could place love heart ribbon on the candles, Halloween ribbon on Halloween etc... Just change the ribbon, for Easter, place a few easter eggs on the plate also. I'll show you different ways throughout the year.

This is my most simple centrepiece, but I will be changing it a few times before Christmas, to give you some different idea's.

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