Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long desired bargains

Check it out! Now this wont be exciting to everyone, but in this picture are items I have wanted for a while. I went to one of my fav stores the other day loaded with a gift voucher and money from my hubby, together it gave me $100 to spend. I looked around and didn’t see much I really wanted. I picked up the Christmas decorations I had been eyeing off and noticed they were marked down.

The shop lady came up and said “all decorations were 25% off, plus there was 15% off storewide today only” (the 15% off today only is a crock, as they do that all the time!) So I picked up the things I had been looking at and decided to have a closer look at the bargain wall.

Boy am I glad I did. I spent $106 with my voucher and the money from my husband and got $371 worth of stuff. Baskets usually $35 for $8.50, candle holders, Christmas decorations, 2 gold plates which will sit on our bedside tables once we have our house and I make our bedspread from the fabric I got earlier.

I was so excited. Some of the candle holders worked out to be $1.70each!

I had scanned the bargain wall, but since I didn’t really find anything I liked I was going to go to the shop another day. When I decided to look at it closer, I noticed things I liked, but missed them before because they had boxes of stuff in the way and I had to climb over things to get them. I love it all so much.

I am not someone who likes to pay full price, but I know how I want my house when we have it and to be able to get the things I want for it so cheap is fanfreakintastic!

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