Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tinsel Christmas Trees

I was in the shops recently and saw tinsel Christmas trees which were $50ea! And they were only as high as these ones that I used to make, so I thought for day 2 I would show you how to make them. They are super easy and great for anyone with young children who like to pull all the decorations off the tree or anyone living in a small space. They are great for bedrooms and kids love them.

To start with you will need

10 - 12 coat hangers
sticky tape
a string of fairy lights, 50 is a good number
3 - 4m of tinsel (how much you need really depends on the thickness of the tinsel.)

Firstly, lay the coathangers down, as shown above and tape them together where they join.

Next slide the coat hangers together. Simply put one pointy end of a coathanger through the middle on another pair of coathangers.

Do this until you have used all the coathangers. Tape them together up the top to hold them in place.

Next tape the lights to the coathanger fram in various places. It is best to check they work before you stick them altogether. Why? Well, I originally used coloured lights, which after I had completely made the tree, discovered they do not work, so had to undo it all and put on lights that do work!

Once the lights are on, wrap the tinsel around the frame and tape at the top and bottom to hold in place. You can put a star or something on the top if you like, or strategically place a lightbulb there.

And that's it. It's quick and easy and I made mine out of decorations I already had, as I am trying to do a different colour theme on my tree this year, so this will go in my daughters bedroom.

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