Sunday, December 20, 2009

An advent calendar

Felt is fantastic to work with. If you can’t sew, that’s ok, because you can cut and glue. Felt doesn’t fray and doesn’t need to be hemmed like other fabrics.

This advent calendar isn’t too hard to make. I bought it premade because it was only 50c. To make one is really easy though. Just find a picture you would like to use, cut the shapes you need and for the actual advent bit have 1 long piece of felt with smaller rectangles going across. Sew or glue them to create pockets.

You can put lollies or chocolates in them or one thing we used to do is write something nice we had to do on a piece of paper for each pocket. There were lollies and tings in the pockets as well, but the notes made it more Christmassy. Things like “Sing Away in a manger as a family” or “Smile at 5 people today” or “Help someone with their chores” really bought the spirit of Christmas into the house.

My mother made our advent calendar. I’ll see if my sister in law still has it and post a pic for you. It’s my favourite one ever.

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