Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Elves

I cannot take the credit for this particular little elf, but I have made them and they are so cute and easy. And yes, he is sitting on my shoe rack, because these little guys are small enough to go anywhere.

My mother made this one years ago. All you need is
1 wooden cotton spool
4 small round wooden beads
1 large wooden bead
A felt triangle for the hat
A small pompom

Paint the spool how you would like. Red, green, whatever. You can do a line of elves and write a different letter on each, such as Merry Christmas, Peace, Joy etc... Or write Ho Ho Ho on 3 elves.

Paint the face on the large wooden bead by using a dot of white then a dot of black for the eyes and a dot of red for the lips.

Cut 3 strips of ribbon, 1 for both arms and 1 each for the legs.

Glue the 2 leg strips to the bottom of the spool. Lay the arms over the top of the spool so the ribbon comes down the sides. Glue the head onto the ribbon and spool, so it is all held into place.

Next glue the hat and pompom on the elf’s head.

Finally, thread the small beads onto the legs and hands. Tie a knot at the end of the legs and arms to secure the bead in place.

These little elves are a great way to make your house look Christmassy, as they can be placed pretty much anywhere. On the TV,

On the kitchen bench, piano, window sills, bedside tables, anywhere.


  1. I love these little guys! So cute and so easy to make, I bet the kids could do it.

  2. It'd be a great activity with the kids! They love Christmas stuff.