Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More storage ideas

Here are a few more things I use for storage. I like to buy in bulk my rice, flour, bread flour etc... Which means I need things to store it in I have 2 things I use generally, 1 is Tupperware

I use modular mates rectangle 4’s for my bulk storage. That is a 10kg bag of rice in those 2 containers. I was surprised how much fit in there.

I use lots of Tupperware containers because they are air tight and store everything better, they stack well, and they have a lifetime guarantee and keep my pantry tidier

See I use it for everything! Actually, living in a small unit it has been a lifesaver due to its stackability. I have containers stacked on my fridge, on my heater (we don’t use it) on top of the pantry, everywhere I can think of. They are sturdy and stay where I put them and I can stack them quite high without a problem.

Another thing I use a bit of is food buckets. Places like Donut King get their icing and things in these buckets, which once washed make great food containers which also stack well. You need to label them yourself so you know what is in them. I have some stacked next to my fridge and they are brilliant.

The reason I like containers so much is because to me they make life easier. If my pantry is neat and sorted, I can cook quicker since I can find what I need with a glance. Having containers that stack utilise space better and means I can buy more in bulk.

One tip if you are looking at Tupperware, if you join it is much cheaper to buy for yourself. Also, they no longer cover against impact damage, so if you drop it and it breaks, too bad.

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