Friday, February 19, 2010

101 Things update

So far my list has been going well. I have started the no TV month (#16) and despite being sorely tempted last night I have done well. I started it on the 1st Feb, so have done almost 3 weeks!
I have been writing in my gratitude diary (#13) and should probably do it more often.
I have looked into getting my teeth whitened (#6) and am thinking I will do it next month.
I am going to donate to Kiva (#14) this week, along with my list of 101 things I like about myself (#19).

I have not been doing number 29, read a book to my daughters every day. I read to them regularly, but haven’t done it every day and since there will be a few days I won’t be with them during my 1001 days, I just won’t be able to do this one, but I will be able to read 1001 times to them.
My first book will be published in 2 – 4 weeks (#56) which is extremely exciting.
There are many other things on my list I am in the process of planning, such as a day at a day spa, donating blood, do a will etc...

My husband is about to start doing a course for work, which means even more time with him away and no car for me, so I am going to need to plan things well. It goes for 6 weeks, which isn’t really that long, but will feel like it to me.

All in all I think I am doing well and hopefully will get to cross quite a few thigns off in these first few months.

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