Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yes, you read correctly, 6 garbage bags full. Of what you ask? CRAP!

Last week we had my daughters birthday and it went brilliantly. Only thing is she got given an INSANE amount of noisy toys. WOOHOO! Yeah, total sarcasm there. On the upside, it enabled me to come home and clear out my daughters things without feeling guilty.

In those 6 bags was toys, books, clothes I am going to fit soon, but really don't like the style any more, clothes my girls have grown out of, baby blankets etc...
Add to that a box of dvd's, some clothes I am giving to some friends and family and you can see I have too much stuff.

Now, that 6 bags is just of stuff for the op shop. There is another 3 bags of rubbish stuff. No wonder I feel so cramped in here. Where does it all come from seriously?

Oh, ok, shhhh, don't tell my husband, but it's probably mostly me. (Other than 2 HUGE piles of stuff clogging up the walk in robe and bedroom which are HIS!) It is not that I buy all this stuff. Infact, hardly any of what I am getting rid of was bought. It was given to me.

People offer me things and I think "Oh, that'd be great!" or "The girls will love that!" And they do, for a while. Then it just gets in my way and becomes more clutter.

I have cleaned out to the point where only 1/2 my bookshelf is full, only 1/2 my section of the wardrobe is full, the toy box is only 1/2 full and under my daughters bed is EMPTY! And my house is feeling SO much roomier (well as roomy as it gets in a 1 bedroom unit!)

A lot of the things I got rid of were things I have felt too guilty to toss before now. But, you know what, if the house burnt down, I wouldn't miss this stuff. It's not getting used anymore and it is not needed.

I have 3 more large items I am having trouble parting with. Maybe in 12 months I can, because then I can use the excuse my girls are too big. Or maybe I should get older kids to come over and "accidently" break them. And in their eyes it WILL be an accident, coz I will know they are too big to use them, but will encourage them all the same! Evil, I know!

I am feeling so much happier with less clutter in my life and without looking at thigns feeling like I have to keep them coz so and so gave it to us. Life is too short to feel guilty.

My aim now is to NOT go shopping. I don't need anything now. I am also not going to accept things from people for a little while, with the excuse, I have no room right now UNLESS it is something I REALLY will definitely 100% sure use, not just something I like and not toys or books. Too many excuses I know, cut me some slack, this is a HUGE change!

Go on, toss the stuff, you'll feel great!

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