Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bargains to be had

Today is one of those days I wish I had a house and I wish I had taken a camera out with me.

My husband wanted to get some metal from Revolve and Tiny’s Green Shed, so we went out there to have a look. The stuff that was there today was UNREAL! Kids toys in good condition, a kayak, a wheel burrow, body boards that looked near new, swing sets, bikes and more.

There were so many things that I looked at and thought if we had a house I could get that... I would’ve loved the Kayak. The one I have been looking at is close to $600 and this one was so similar!

There were kids bikes that looked almost new. Kids table and chairs, wooden ones like I want, there was even a new looking stainless steel dishwasher.

Tinys is a whole lot more organised and being in sheds it is protected from the weather. Both it and Revolve have great bargains though.

As it was we scored the metal basket we wanted for my husband to keep making the portable hangi for FREE! Yup, they said we could just have it. So he is sitting outside at the moment trying to get it how he wants it. I’ll post pics once the hangi is all done.


  1. My husband is like drooling everytime he thinks about it!

  2. Where is this Tiny's place...?!?!

  3. Tiny's is a shed next to the tip. I had never been there before. They even had good clothes like Witchery adn stuff which shocked me!