Monday, April 19, 2010

Giant Zucchini

Check out this gigantic zucchini! My friend got it last night from her in laws! That is an A4 book next to it to give you some idea of its size. The picture’s not great because it is at night on my lounge.

Personally I have never seen one this big, but seeing that last night made me think about what I would make if I did get one. There are so many possibilities.

Zucchini slice, risotto with zucchini, zucchini on pizza, zucchini cake, which is like carrot cake, really good especially with cream cheese icing, grate it to use in rissoles, lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise or any other meat dish, chop it up for stir fry, the list just goes on.

See, this is a perfect reason why we should try and grow our own vegies. If you got them this size, they’d last you ages!

1 comment:

  1. I've seen them that size LOL and that would been enough for my fam for a couple of months!