Sunday, April 11, 2010

Managing Time

A lot of focus is often placed on saving money, but what about time? I am not talking about doing things to save money vs the time it takes to do it. I am talking about all those little things we do that waste our time.

Do you realise if you watched 1 less hour of TV a week that is 52 hours or just over 2 DAYS! Can you believe it? If you cut 1 hour TV time every day it just over 2 WEEKS! How scary is that. We waste so much time.

I have been identifying different things that waste my time and am trying to cut them back. TV is not a huge issue for me anymore, since I did a TV free month, I realised I don’t really care what’s on most of the time and there is not 1 single show I would go “Oh, I HAVE to watch that, I LOVE it.”

I do like watching it sometimes to switch off, but in the last few weeks I have noticed I have been doing it too much.

Another one is Face book. I started playing the games coz lots of my family play and since I am competitive by nature I wanted to beat a few of them on there. Well, I have done that now and I look back at how much time I have wasted playing (yes it’s fun, but there are so many other things I can never “find” the time to do.) It’s scary and I need to cutback drastically.

There’s other things like mindlessly surfing the net, window shopping when I need nothing etc... Yes, I like doing these things, which is ok in moderation, but lately all I seem to be doing is wasting my time.

Another HUGE time waster for many is being disorganised. I am not a highly organised person, I don’t think. I could be if I applied myself more, but I have just never been really bothered. There are quite a few things I would like to do when I own a house which will help me be more organised. In a 1 bedroom it is quite hard because there is just not enough space.

There are little things you can do to help save time in an organisational sense.
Always put your things in the same spot, so you’re not constantly looking for your keys.
Plan ahead what you are going to eat so you don’t need to duck down to the shops, wasting both time and money.
Keep a filing system so all your bills, insurance, important papers are all in one spot, so you don’t spend time looking for them.
Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.
Instead of putting things down put them away. We often put things down on the bench to put away later but instead we should just put it away. Why would you go to the bench to put it down, only to have to come back later and put it away? It only takes a few seconds more to put it away instead of down.

This week I will be keeping track of everything that wastes my time so I will be able to work on managing my time better.

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  1. I am the same. I like to think that I'm pretty organised but I know I could do better. When I had to get Jangles happening its amazing how much time I found to do it. but if I hadn't had that deadline I would have wasted it all. I'm working on it tho I promise!