Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spotless vs trashed

Why is it that when my house is spotless no one comes but when it looks like a bomb has gone off I get lots of visitors? Wait, I know. It’s because my house is only spotless for about 10 mins before my darling children trash it beyond recognition.

I have a plan up my sleeve though. It’s not one I think they’d like if they were older and knew what I was doing, but since they are under 3, I can do it and they won’t know the difference.

I have worked out the main problems.
1.) Little toys. They have lots of little toys, like tea sets, Duplo, wooden blocks, puzzles etc... Now all these things are great, but they aren’t getting played with, they are getting thrown around, left on the floor etc...
2.) Eating whilst walking. I have been trying to stop this because I end up with crumbs from one end of the unit to the other and HATE the crunchy carpet and the fact that I can sweep the floorboards 5 times a day, but the second it has been swept, I may as well not have bothered.
3.) The clothes. I fold them and put them away. As I take one pile to put them away they throw the other piles around the room or later they pull all the clothes out of the drawers or wardrobe.
4.) There is just not enough room here for everything to have a place.

So my plan is
1.) Get rid of or pack away all those little toys into storage.
2.) Sort the rest of the toys into boxes and place them under the bed so only 1 box at a time is out.
3.) No eating anywhere but the table.
4.) When i bring the clothes in they will be kept in the clothes basket and I will pull 1 thing out at a time and put it away. It will take longer than folding, but considering half the time I have to fold the clothes 3 or 4 times, it will work out to be quicker.
5.) Continue to get rid of more things. I have 1 box and some baby things by my door and more to come.
I have a kid free day on Friday, but there is SO much I want to do that day I don’t know if I will be able to get it all done. I’ll let you know how I go.

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