Friday, April 16, 2010

Stupid lounge recovering!

Since I had no kids today I figured I finally recover my lounge. It’s a 5 seater modular and was looking very worse for wear. I converted the base to be storage on one of them and finished recovering it this morning.

Then I got started on the other 2 seater part of the lounge. I have pulled off the cushion covers and cut them out then I got started on the main part of the lounge. I pulled the fabric off the bottom, then the sides and then discovered something I did not want to find.

A HUGE crack in the frame work! I am so frustrated. I have spent all this time planning and doing this lounge only to discover the bones aren’t good!

I will admit that crack could’ve been there for quite some time and has not affect the usage yet. That’s fine. It may work well for a while longer, but I do not want to recover a lounge only to have to buy a new one in 6 months.

This is very disappointing. I do not want a new lounge yet and have now stripped this one bare. I am thinking I will toss the part that is cracked and keep the other part until I do want a new lounge. It will mean I have more space.

Oh, well, these things happen. Now I just have to clean up my giant mess and work out how to get rid of that part of the lounge.


  1. Is there anyway you coud reinforce the crack? If its not completely snapped yet you might be able to, that would extend the life.

  2. i feel a part of childhood is lost... Bunnings should have cheap timber or something you could use.

  3. It's gone. We threw it out today. lol lambchop!