Friday, April 9, 2010

Why I left a site

I left a forum recently. I had been an active member on there for quite some time. I have just found out that there are questions as to why I left, so I thought I would address it here, so the moderators of that particular site don’t go into a spin and removed all threads.

Basically it got to the point where everything I said was being construed as advertising. For example on one thread someone was talking about self-publishing and I offered some advice and gave my email if they had any questions. That is apparently “trying to advertise my book in and underhand manner offsite”. Um, if you went further up the thread you will see she had already purchased my books, so how could me trying to help be advertising? I was asked to remove my post.

I had a thread of mine pulled with no email or explanation as to why. I ask staff specifically what I can and can’t talk about but got no reply.

Also, it turns out they only act when something is pointed out to them, and I have a fair idea of who was “pointing” everything out to them.

I was feeling quite harassed by this person, so I chose to ask for a refund and left the site relatively quietly. I posted one comment on my fav thread and left it at that. I didn’t explain why coz I was pretty sure it would get the thread pulled.

I realised too that the site was no longer useful to me. I loved the thread I mentioned above and “talking” to the ppl on there, but unfortunately the feeling of being harassed was getting to be too much, so I got a refund on my membership.

There is a heck of a lot of advertising on that site and I felt like I was being unfairly targeted when I was not trying to advertise. I felt I could not make any comments without it being misconstrued.


  1. I thought that may be why you decided to leave. Such a shame, because I loved to read your posts on the million dollar thread - that thread is the only one I'd been reading, lately!!

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  3. miss you Silky, x Lil