Monday, May 31, 2010

101 update

I have completed 12 of my 101, failed 9 and have lost interest or no longer need to do about half. I mentioned earlier I would be re-evaluating it, seeing how many I could do by today, 31st May. I didn’t get many more completed but I did get a bunch more started. So I am going to continue on with a few minor modifications on ones I had failed at or have lost interest in. I have already donated the money to charity, so I am not cheating, just improvising.

A few things I had planned were to do every month. Since I have failed most of them, I decided to switch it to do it 33 times, as there are 33 months in this thing.

To see what changes I have made click here. I have bolded the ones I have done, italicised changes and hopefully should be able to mark a bunch more off soon. If you have one of these lists link to it in the comments below!

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