Monday, June 21, 2010

Switching to more natural products

My poor little 1 year old daughter is teething. With my 2 year old everyone told me to use Bonjela and Panadol along with the teething rings. I read up on Bonjela and decided against using it. Here is some of what I found
“Bonjela Teething Gel sold in Australia (and possibly other countries) does contain choline salicylate and is the same as the adult product, and the recommended daily dose is once every three hours, applied to the area.”
Choline Salicylate is only suitable for ages 16+, yet here it is in a BABY product!! You can read more about why it is theoretically bad here. So I am not overly keen on using Bonjela and the likes.

I am also not a huge fan of using Panadol a lot. I have used it on the rare occasion when needed, but I don’t want my kids to be dependent on painkillers. Not that they would get highly addicted or anything, but I am just looking into more alternative medicines now.

I have realized how many things in my house and life are so bad for us. It’s no wonder kids have behavioral problems. They don’t stand a chance against goodness knows how many chemicals, preservatives, additives and everything they are bombarded with every day.

I have found a homeopathic teething relief I am trying out tonight. I am hoping it works. She has been most upset today, her cheeks are getting fairly red and she is chewing on her finger a lot. One of my friends told me about a homepathic one she got from a health food shop and it worked for her, so I thought I would give it a try.

I am getting more and more surprised at the amount of things in food and medicine that we take into our bodies that are so bad for us. Many things here in Aus are actually not allowed in other countries, so why is it ok here?

Many people from my parents generation say they grew up with it all and they are fine. Uh, no they didn’t grow up with all the preservatives and chemicals that are in food today. Yes to an extent, but there was nowhere near as much junk in food then as there is now. Besides, if you have the knowledge that something is bad for your body, your family, your kids, wouldn’t you avoid it? Isn’t that just logical?

There are many things in our house I am slowly changing over to more natural alternatives. I already clean predominately with bi-carb and vinegar. I have been changing a lot of our food to organic and if it can’t be organic I soak the fruit and veg in water and apple cider vinegar to remove as much of the chemicals as I can. I am growing some herbs and look to natural alternatives for our ailments before resorting to traditional medicine.

What have you changed? Any recommendations for me?

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