Thursday, August 26, 2010

My first car - a trip down memory lane

I thought I would take a trip down memory lane, back to my first car. You see, due to recent car troubles, I have been reviewing my car decisions. They have all been bad.

My first car was a beauty. It was similar to the photo. I don’t have any photos of mine though. It was a 1988 Mazda 323, turquoise. It was $1,100. All I had. I had the choice between buying it that day or waiting (like dad wanted me to) a few days til we could look at the Corolla. Nope. The Corolla was white and ugly in my young mind. My older mind now says IDIOT! You should have bought the Corolla!!

The thing that really won me over with the Mazda was the colour. I know, everyone else is probably gagging at the thought of a turquoise bomb! Why did I love the colour? It matched my hand bag. Yes, I was a blonde 18 year old Gen Y, who purchased a car because it matched my hand bag.

So I moved to Sydney in that car. I had it for 3 months and it died. I was driving "home" (to my parents house in Canberra) for my brothers baptism. Just outside of Goulburn it started making a funny noise. So I pulled over at the first exit and did what every young female driver would do in my situation. Rang dad.

“Hi dad, so why would my car be making this noise?” I hold the phone next to my engine.
“Get to a servo and wait for me. You car is almost dead. Call NRMA.”

So I drive it, or more correctly hobbled it barely at 5kms an hour to a service station. I call NRMA. Before they get there 2 more cars break down beside me. Yay, I am not a loner.

NRMA come and fix one, he’s gone. They look at mine. It’s dead. They’ll arrange to tow it back to my mechanics in Sydney. Great. I ring dad, him and mum are already on their way to get me. I am just over an hour from their house. I decide to wait in the servo. The other guy who has broken down next to me doesn’t look like someone I want to hang around.

I go inside. Ok, the attendant is freakier than the guy outside. I will take my chances sitting in my car with him in his car.

I go back to my car. Great, I am so intelligent that I locked my keys in my car. It’s ok though, my car lock is so awesome you can open it with any key, even a knife! Do I ask the guy near me or ask the weirdo in the servo. I ask the guy near me.

As it turns out, that guy is really nice and we get talking. He was on his way to see his daughter in Melbourne. She was in the Navy and he had not seen her in 6 months, but she had this weekend off before being deployed to Iraq.

He only needed one tiny tube part to get his car started. I offered for him to see if a part from my car would fit his. His response “I already checked when you were inside. It doesn’t, but thanks.” Awesome, I am sitting with a thief. His next comment “Want a joint?” Uh, no, no thanks.

And yes, he was still not weirder than the guy inside the servo!

So I hung out with him for an hour until my parents got there. He had food and drink and drugs. I had none of it, but he was entertaining.

When my parents arrived I could see my dad glaring at this other guy like his look could kill him through the windscreen. I got in the car. “Thanks for picking me up. I have a question.”

My parents love it when I say “I have a question”. I still do it now. It is my way of saying I am about to ask for something and I am not sure you will want to do it.

“I need a loan.”

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Medic Apron

This is a bad picture of an apron I made upon request. All they wanted was a plain white apron, with 2 large pockets and a red cross. They needed it for a re-enactment type thing.

I offered to make it, as there is nowhere you'd be able to buy something like it. I decided to make it a bit more than basic though. In the picture it looks crooked, but that's due to how I was standing. I really should learn to stand straight! lol.

Anyway, all I did was cut 2 rectangles for the main part, a red stripe for the bottom and 2 red stripes to make the cross, as well as 1 long white white strip for the ties.

I then cut 2 rectangles for pockets and used some scraps to make some internal pockets.

It didn't take long to stich all up and in the end we ended up with 6 pockets.

2 side pockets that go inside the apron.
2 big pockets on the front.
2 pockets in the red cross. 1 for pens and one for little things like band aids etc...

The recipient was so excited. I also made a little bag upon request to match. It just ties onto the side.

Overall I am pretty happy with it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gluten Free Tast Testing

I have mentioned our gluten free tast testing a few times on here. We did it on Wednesday night and it was good. I forgot to take lots of pictures though. My camera is almost dead (glad I just order my Nikon d5000!).

Any hoo. Here's the 2 things I got pics of, first pizza...

Did you know Dominoes now do GF pizza's?

Ok, I realise the chicken in this next pic has a kind of pinky glow, but it was cooked through and our fav. Honey mustard chicken!

It was so yum. I loved it and it was so easy. Just 1/2 cup honey, 60g Nuttelex and 1 Tbsp mustard. Melt together and pour ove chicken in an oven proof dish. Bakc for 20 - 30 mins. Too easy!

We also had ...
Satay Sauce
Packet Chocolate Cake
From Scratch Banana Cake
Beetroot Hummus

I need to experiment more. So far I have decided I don't really like most of the recipes I used to make (e.g. biscuits, pancakes, crepes etc...) that are based around flour. I have lots of GF flour and things, but it's not the same. I guess it's healthier though, now I am not tempted by unhealthy sweets?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Watermelon Quilt

I have FINALLY finished this quilt. I started it probably 18 months ago? I went to the store with Miggles and she helped select the fabric (I already had some of it). She then designed it and told me what to do. It was a mroe random than pattern design, but the seeds ended up pretty much in a pattern, which was not planned.

We went to her place to use her cutter. I got incredibly frustrated with it and she ended up cutting it for me.

I started sewing when I could, which is not easy with 2 littlies. I got the bulk of the pink watermelon part done, then it sat in my cupboard. And sat, and sat and sat.

A few days ago I pulled it out and finished it. The binding sucked and I am not a quilting fan. It was my first and most likely my last quilt.

I am glad I did it. It’s finished and is one of my daughters many Christmas presents this year. I plan on doing some cushion covers to match it, but they will just be patch worked, no binding and probably no black seeds. There’s seedless watermelon too you know! Lol.

I used polar fleece as wadding because I already had it and I was so sick of quilting I wanted it finished NOW!

My girls think it’s gorgeous.
I was going to show you pictures today of the watermelon quilt I finished and another post on the gluten free food I made the other night but for some reason I cannot load a single picture to my blog. I have been trying to for over an hour. Hopefully it will be sorted soon and I will be able to show you all! Sorry.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am in the 70's!!

I am soooooooo excited. I know Wednesday is my weigh in, but I have been really slack on that lately. Guess what though? That’s right baby! I cracked the past 80 and am now 79kg!!!! Finally. And I am sooooo determined not to get back to the 80’s.

Quite a few people have told me that once they stopped eating gluten (after discovering intolerances) the weight melted off. That would be so nice.

I think if you are eating gluten free by changing what you eat, not just substituting what you currently eat with the gluten free version it will definitely have that effect.

I am planning on taking it one step further. I plan on cutting out sugar too. I don’t eat it a lot, but I really need to cut it completely. I have become so much more conscious of what we eat that it now horrifies me some of the things I used to eat.

I have been pouring over GF recipe books and it has been so interesting. I feel better and more vibrant. It is fantastic.

I have had some pretty sleepless nights though, so it hasn’t been perfect. I am an insomniac though, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the change of my diet.

Here’s hoping I lose more weight this week! I need to lose a few more kilo’s before Sept 11th. I am going to an ALL BLACKS game! Yeah, they are so going to win and it will be the 10th win in a row against the Wallabies!! (I know I am Aussie, but I never followed til I got married and since he’s ½ Maori, obviously he went for the All Blacks. And hey, if I am going to start watching and following a team, may as well pick the winners right?)

I only got into Union when I met my husband, so 6 years ago. Before that it was stupid to me. I know now more of their stats and things than Geelongs! Sorry Dad.

Point is, I need to lose a few more to feel comfy in my All Blacks top. I can get it on, but can’t relax in it. It’s a bit tight.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busy - Christmas, moving and eBay!

I have been crazy busy. I have started to play the “Do I really want to move that?” game and it is really fun, NOT! Lol. I started with the storage room and since I have been de-cluttering a lot recently I do want to move everything that is in there.

I have only done that room and the top of the fridge and freezer. Now that we are pretty sure when we are moving I have a time frame and plan on doing a section of the house each day, even if it is small, like the book shelf or pantry, it’ll be something. There’s not much I won’t be moving due to the recent de-cluttering.

I have also been organizing Christmas since one of my 101 things is to be ready for Christmas by Dec 1 this year. Add to that the fact that we are actually doing Christmas mid November for my husbands side in QLD, I will be moving in 2 months AND we have renovation plans in place once we move, I have enough on without worrying about presents!

I did my groceries the other day and when I was in Aldi, I nearly died. They had so much I needed and for such awesome prices. I got almost all the Christmas presents I had left to buy. I need to finish making a few others, but I am virtually done. Plus they had GF flour and some premixes all under half price! I grabbed most of them. I now have 48 boxes of flour and things in my wardrobe, lol.

I pulled out the present box yesterday and went through it all. I sorted and wrapped all but 2 presents for my in laws. I also sorted what I will be giving my daughters and my side of the family. I am almost done with it all. Yay!

I also went through my eBay box, sorted, bagged up and photographed it all. Next I will write the descriptions and hopefully list it all in the next few weeks. I had more than I thought to sell, hopefully it all goes.

PLUS I have been researching so much on Gluten Free food. I got some books from the library and have been looking online. I am having a GF tasting on Wednesday. I am inviting my little sister over, since she is the same and I will have LOTS of GF food so we can sample. Most of the recipes I have found look like they freeze well so I will give some to my sis and we can have ready made meals, whilst we try and get our head around things.

I have also been researching organic foods in my area. There’s not as big a range here as there is where I am moving too, but there is a good market I will be going to next week and there are a few online places.
Now, off to do more work!

Oh, and yeah since quite a few people said they like this back ground, I will be keeping it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

19 down! I donated blood.

I donated blood this week, which was one of my 101 things. It was an interesting experience. I booked an appointment a few weeks ago for Monday this week.

I went it and they were running a little behind as they were short staffed and the computers were down. Apparently they go down at 3pm every day for 30 mins. Since I was due at 2:45 and they were running late, they couldn’t do much til 3:30, but that was ok with me.

I was nervous, but the ladies were really nice. I got called into the first room. Here they weight you, take your blood to test your iron etc... My iron was actually a lot higher than my last blood test. In fact it was the highest it has ever been for me. Interesting considering i have pretty much cut meat and now eat a wide variety of veg every day.

Anyway, after that was done I was taken into the other room, where they take your blood. A nurse asked me if i am right or left handed. “Right.” She grabbed my arm “oh, look at that, i don’t even have to prep these veins! Great, straight onto that chair.” All the nurses seemed quite excited by that.

Up in the chair I went. There were a few people in there who came before me, but didn’t have needles in their arms yet. The nurse came over and popped a needle in. “And you bleed well too!” So I have great veins and bleed well! Lol.

Nurse “Are you ok?”
Me “I am not a fan of needles at all.”
Nurse “well, if you were you wouldn’t be here.” It took me a minute to work that out, lol. Yes, obviously I wouldn’t, coz I’d be a junkie.

She was really nice and put me at ease, so I relaxed. Apparently too much, coz my blood stopped flowing. I was given a ball to roll in my hand to get my blood flow up and then it started coming out fast!

After a few minutes I began to feel dizzy and sick. I think it was rather apparent, coz she rushed back over, “how you feeling?”

“A bit faint” I replied.

They flipped me back in the chair and put a fan on, got me a drink and had me take deep breaths. It’s normal, especially the first time. I had to rest for a few more minutes then I was taken to the snack lounge, where you get milkshakes and things to get your sugars up. I was still a bit weak and dizzy when I went in there, so I had to stay for a little while.

I didn’t get to donate the full 500ml they usually take, but I got close. I’ve booked in to do it again in 12 weeks. Did you know it takes 12 weeks for your body to restore that blood to your system?

All in all it was good and definitely something I recommend everyone to do. I am someone who has fainted after having a blood test and I did it, so if you can you should. Not everyone can. I didn’t realise all the requirements you need to pass to be able to donate. So if you are one of the lucky who can, do it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Awesome weekend and it's chain of events

Firstly, did you know doing 128kms in a 110km zone is a $211 fine and 3 demerit points? I do now, which I will expain later.

This is me and Lambchop at the footy on Saturday. We go for Geelong, who kicked butt! YEAH. lol.

I have always wanted to do a spur of the moment "lets go on a trip" thing. On Saturday I got to.

My dad gave me free tickets last week and a few days later it turned out I couldn't go. I meant to ask Lambchop if she wanted them, but forgot.

Friday night was a shocker. My daughters didn't sleep, so I got no sleep until 5am, which led to me sleeping in on Saturday until 2pm.

2pm my alarm went off for the footy, which I was not going to anymore. Then Miggles rocked up. She came to drop something off and said "Aren't you going to the footy?" I explained what happened and her response "Why didn't you give them to Lambchop?"

Damn, I forgot to do that! So I rang Lambchop. "Wanna go to the game tonight, in Sydney? Starts 7, I've got 2 free tickets for you?" Her hubby, C, was working til 5 so she wouldn't make it.

Lightbulb moment, why don't we go together? So she called C to check if he was cool with that. I think he was a little shocked, but cool with it.

I think both our husbands were a little, what? What do you mean now? It was such as sudden decision and to make it on time we had to go NOW!

So Lambchop and I raced to get ready. First though I needed Geelong gear. I raced to a friends and borrowed their hat, then raced to my parents. I had tried calling them, but no answer. I rocked up and knocked. I knew they weren't home but didn't know if one of my many siblings might be there.

No one was. What to do, what to do. Simple, break in. I have never lived at this house, but I have broken in. I am sure they were expecting me. There was Geelong gear hanging at the front door. For me, right?

Ok, no, it's always hanging there, but still, it's all good. I really need to return it actually.

Anyway, got to Lambchops and we went to the game.

It was awesome. We won and we were sitting in the opposing teams areas so it was doubly sweet! lol. I also loved the fact that it was my first game and they won, whereas Lambchop had been to a few where they lost. Plus we got pretty close seats which was sweet.

It finished about 10pm, and we were driving straight back. This made me glad I had no sleep the night before and had slept all that day. I was not tired.

On the way home, we are chatting away, then we saw them. Police. Sitting under the bridge, where according to Lambchop "they always are." Ok, I lived in Syd and drove to Canberra pretty much every month for 3 years and they were NEVER there. I have been to Sydney 3 times in the last month and they were not there. In fact they have NEVER been there when I have come from Sydney to Canberra.

So usually I am sitting on about the speed limit so not a problem. Not tonight. Of course, when I actually see the police, I am speeding, and not just 5kms over or anything.

I slow down as I pass them, hoping they won't follow me. No such luck. They turned around and I pulled over.

He did the usual police talk, I gave him my licence and he went back to his car. I am so dead.

I hear the other cop say "consider it a present." My thoughts, Yay! I'm getting off! Lambchop thought the opposite. That is not a funny joke when you are booking someone!

"Did you doing 18kms over the speed limit is a $211 fine and 3 demerit points?"
"Uh, no?"
"Well, it's the first of the month and we're in a good mood. Slow down."

Are you serious? That's right people. He was a NICE cop and let me off! And yes, I did not speed the whole way home.

Awesome weekend. lol.