Wednesday, August 4, 2010

19 down! I donated blood.

I donated blood this week, which was one of my 101 things. It was an interesting experience. I booked an appointment a few weeks ago for Monday this week.

I went it and they were running a little behind as they were short staffed and the computers were down. Apparently they go down at 3pm every day for 30 mins. Since I was due at 2:45 and they were running late, they couldn’t do much til 3:30, but that was ok with me.

I was nervous, but the ladies were really nice. I got called into the first room. Here they weight you, take your blood to test your iron etc... My iron was actually a lot higher than my last blood test. In fact it was the highest it has ever been for me. Interesting considering i have pretty much cut meat and now eat a wide variety of veg every day.

Anyway, after that was done I was taken into the other room, where they take your blood. A nurse asked me if i am right or left handed. “Right.” She grabbed my arm “oh, look at that, i don’t even have to prep these veins! Great, straight onto that chair.” All the nurses seemed quite excited by that.

Up in the chair I went. There were a few people in there who came before me, but didn’t have needles in their arms yet. The nurse came over and popped a needle in. “And you bleed well too!” So I have great veins and bleed well! Lol.

Nurse “Are you ok?”
Me “I am not a fan of needles at all.”
Nurse “well, if you were you wouldn’t be here.” It took me a minute to work that out, lol. Yes, obviously I wouldn’t, coz I’d be a junkie.

She was really nice and put me at ease, so I relaxed. Apparently too much, coz my blood stopped flowing. I was given a ball to roll in my hand to get my blood flow up and then it started coming out fast!

After a few minutes I began to feel dizzy and sick. I think it was rather apparent, coz she rushed back over, “how you feeling?”

“A bit faint” I replied.

They flipped me back in the chair and put a fan on, got me a drink and had me take deep breaths. It’s normal, especially the first time. I had to rest for a few more minutes then I was taken to the snack lounge, where you get milkshakes and things to get your sugars up. I was still a bit weak and dizzy when I went in there, so I had to stay for a little while.

I didn’t get to donate the full 500ml they usually take, but I got close. I’ve booked in to do it again in 12 weeks. Did you know it takes 12 weeks for your body to restore that blood to your system?

All in all it was good and definitely something I recommend everyone to do. I am someone who has fainted after having a blood test and I did it, so if you can you should. Not everyone can. I didn’t realise all the requirements you need to pass to be able to donate. So if you are one of the lucky who can, do it.


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  3. It's awesome that you did that! I've been donating regularly since I was 17. I'm such a hard stick though. It takes three or four times to get the needle in most times.
    Hopefully next time will be a little easier for you.

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  5. I think after passing out at the sight of a needle for Miggles... I'll pass... BUT I ADMIRE THOSE WHO DO IT! IT SAVES LIVES!

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  13. Oh good for you! I'm giving blood as well this summer, first timer! Reading your experience made me nervous but excited...I just need to get this over and done with, I think!
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  14. Great story! I hate needles as well! Don't know how I worked at a Plasma Center in college for almost 3 years and can stick other people but not get sticked myself?!

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  16. i have had the opportunity twice through school to do it but the first time i didnt weigh enough and the next time i was pregnant, maybe thats something i should make an appointment for! Thanks for sharing,o yeah, Im your new follower!!

  17. Thanks for donating blood! My step dad's life was saved by a generous person like you! He needed 5 pints of blood when his heart surgery went wrong.

    Thank you from anyone who has ever needed blood.