Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busy - Christmas, moving and eBay!

I have been crazy busy. I have started to play the “Do I really want to move that?” game and it is really fun, NOT! Lol. I started with the storage room and since I have been de-cluttering a lot recently I do want to move everything that is in there.

I have only done that room and the top of the fridge and freezer. Now that we are pretty sure when we are moving I have a time frame and plan on doing a section of the house each day, even if it is small, like the book shelf or pantry, it’ll be something. There’s not much I won’t be moving due to the recent de-cluttering.

I have also been organizing Christmas since one of my 101 things is to be ready for Christmas by Dec 1 this year. Add to that the fact that we are actually doing Christmas mid November for my husbands side in QLD, I will be moving in 2 months AND we have renovation plans in place once we move, I have enough on without worrying about presents!

I did my groceries the other day and when I was in Aldi, I nearly died. They had so much I needed and for such awesome prices. I got almost all the Christmas presents I had left to buy. I need to finish making a few others, but I am virtually done. Plus they had GF flour and some premixes all under half price! I grabbed most of them. I now have 48 boxes of flour and things in my wardrobe, lol.

I pulled out the present box yesterday and went through it all. I sorted and wrapped all but 2 presents for my in laws. I also sorted what I will be giving my daughters and my side of the family. I am almost done with it all. Yay!

I also went through my eBay box, sorted, bagged up and photographed it all. Next I will write the descriptions and hopefully list it all in the next few weeks. I had more than I thought to sell, hopefully it all goes.

PLUS I have been researching so much on Gluten Free food. I got some books from the library and have been looking online. I am having a GF tasting on Wednesday. I am inviting my little sister over, since she is the same and I will have LOTS of GF food so we can sample. Most of the recipes I have found look like they freeze well so I will give some to my sis and we can have ready made meals, whilst we try and get our head around things.

I have also been researching organic foods in my area. There’s not as big a range here as there is where I am moving too, but there is a good market I will be going to next week and there are a few online places.
Now, off to do more work!

Oh, and yeah since quite a few people said they like this back ground, I will be keeping it.


  1. Wow! I can not believe you are pretty much done with Christmas shopping. That's awesome. I was just telling my hubby today that it's only 4 months away. Scary! And to add moving and all of that in the mix would be crazy. Way to go.

  2. Hey there, I promised I'd stop by! Following you now, and I'm a bottle red-head too. I love that you're completing your list so quickly, that's amazing.