Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A confession

I have a confession to make. I’ve put on weight. I’m not happy about it and it’s why I haven’t really posted about my weight. I’ve had a few things in Sept which were junk food laden and I was not strong.

I’ve been slack on my exercise and have been so focused on other things I have not really thought about what I have been putting in my mouth.

I do this a fair bit. I lose weight, I feel good, then I put it back on. I lose it again and repeat the cycle. I WANT TO BREAK THIS CYCLE!

I am feeling a bit loser in some of my clothing, so I am not feeling terrible about my weight gain, but I still don’t like it.

I looked at myself in the mirror earlier and I can see the difference in my face and my body. It is changing, just not as fast as it could be.

So I had decided I am now in Camp Biggest Loser. If they can do it and most of them keep most of it off, why can’t I do it? I am currently at home so I have the time to exercise. I have just not been focussed on it.

I am also in charge of what I cook and what we all eat so now the whole family is changing what we eat. I am fortunate that my kids are happy to chomp on fruit, some veg, actually my 3 year old is loving grated carrot, I don’t know why, lol. They also love nuts, mainly cashews, not peanuts so there is no reason to have any junk snacks.

I have put up a piece of paper inside my pantry and I have to write on it everything I eat and drink plus all exercise I do, just like a food diary. Difference is instead of being private, anyone who opens my pantry can read it. (I was going to put it on the front, but I chickened out.)

I am upping my exercise again. Yesterday I got woken up at 6:20. Usually I would roll over and go back to sleep. I contemplated it. I seriously did. Problem is, if I want to lose weight I need to exercise more. So I walked and ran the 4km walk I used to do. I discovered I am 20 minutes out of shape. That is it took me 20 minutes longer than my previous regular time. I am truly disgusted at myself for this.

But it is a new day, so here we go!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet me on Monday blog hop

This is a blog hop where each week you answer a set of questions about yourself.

1. What is your favorite all time movie? That's a tough one. There's a few movies I like, but I have a hard time saying just 1. I loved Remember the Titans and The Blind Side.
2. How often do you go over the speed limit? I try not to. Sometimes on the highway I do.
3. What really gives you the creeps? Night time petrol station attendants. They always seem creepy.
4. What is your favorite snack? At the moment I am liking carrots with hommus.
5. Would you rather be a dog named Killer or a cat named Fluffy? Killer. Definitely a dog named Killer. I am not a cat person at all. I have always wanted a dog though.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wardrobe refashion

As I mentioned in last nights post I did not buy any clothes for me. I would like some new clothes but have decided to do a wardrobe refashion for myself. Don’t know what I am on about? This site will explain it all.

Basically you transform what you have into things you wear. You are allowed to buy new undies and things. You can also op shop.

I have so many clothes I have meant to fix or adjust but instead they have just sat in my sewing pile and gone nowhere. Last night I finally sat down and did a few things. I also made notes of things I would like to do. I won’t just be making clothes for myself, I’ll be doing things for my daughters as well.

I have already turned a pair of jeans into a skirt for me. They were ripped at the knees. The bottom of the jeans will become the top of a skirt for each of my daughters.

I have so many clothing ideas now that I have begun to really look at my wardrobe. I am not sure how much I will get done before I move, but I’ll try.

It really is amazing when you look at things with a different perspective, what you can do with them.

How about you, do you refashion?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Op shop bargains

My daughters needed some new clothes this week. All theirs were so worn and beyond salvaging that I really needed to get them some things that they could leave the house in.

So off I went to the op shops. The first 2 I looked at didn’t have much. The third had only 2 things but the 4th and 5th were like PAY DAY!!!

As you can see from my photo I got a few items. In the 4th op shop I think someone in a size 5 must’ve just cleared the wardrobe (well, the mum did it). I got 5 long sleeved tops which look like they have only been worn once, and one was new with tags from Cotton On, $19.95. I got them for $3ea. Pumpkin Patch, Milkshake and Cotton On. Pretty happy with that!

I also got 2 pairs of pink shorts for my daughter for $1.75ea.

At the next op shop I got swimming tops, new with tags t shirt, Dora swim shoes (for the beach), a long sleeve top plus a jumper like new, plus a new with tags singlet top for my younger daughter, a barbie dress which my eldest loves to bits and a few other items all for $2.50ea! They were having a $2.50 kids clothes sale which was awesome.

I now have enough clothes to mix and match with their still fine clothes. Since it is spring here it is sometimes cool and sometimes warm so we need a variety of clothes. I am happy I have clothes they can layer now for warmth, but as we progress into summer I will have a few tee’s for them and the size 5’s are getting put away for next winter.

I was especially ecstatic about the swimming tops since we plan on going to QLD in Nov and it is going to be HOT. Plus being on the beach all day, they’ll need the protection.

As for my wardrobe, despite feeling I needed a lot more clothes, I didn’t buy anything. I’ll tell you why tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bridge Climb and All Blacks game

All Blacks doing the Haka

I had a huge weekend. It was stressful on the Saturday but totally worth it. I finally got to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge!

I almost missed my climb. I missed the turn and ended up going over the bridge. Sydney is shocking. I hate driving there. The traffic and streets are terrible. I rang the climb and said I was on the other side of the bridge but I won’t make it to be 15 minutes early for my climb like you’re supposed to be.

Lucky for me they were able to move my climb. So we went about 30 mins later than our original climb and it turned out to be the best thing. We went up one side and over the top. As we were coming down the other side the sun was setting and Luna Park and the rest of the city lit up. It was gorgeous and had we done our original climb, we would’ve missed all that.

After the climb we raced over to ANZ stadium to watch the All Blacks vs. Wallabies. The first hour of the game was terrible. (For me as an All Blacks supporter!) The All Blacks were making so many mistakes and I was wishing I hadn’t paid to see this game!

The with 20 minutes to go the All blacks finally kicked in to gear and came from behind to win by 1 point. The last few minutes of the game were intense for everyone. It was so fantastic.

Even better was it was a history making game. Why? Well, it was the 10th straight loss against the All Blacks for the Wallabies. The previous record was 9 straight losses.

The next morning I got to see my sister in law to be whom I haven’t seen for ages. She’s been really sick and lives on the northern Beaches, so nowhere near me. Hopefully when we move back to Syd I will get to see her more. Oh, yeah, my brother was there too. Lol. And I finally got to meet her brother. It was nice to put a face to the name.

I am so glad I finally got to climb the bridge. It has been on my list for ages and this weekend was the last time in a long time I would’ve been able to do it. Thanks to my parents for having my kids for the weekend.

Pictures of me on the bridge will be up later. My computer is being very annoying and I can’t do everything I want with it right now. Hopefully soon though. It is an awesome picture that will go on my fridge because I look so fat in it; it is a great motivation to not eat mindlessly!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Make your own body scrub

This body scrub is something I have been meaning to make for a few years. How bad is that! Last night I felt the need for a body scrub so decided to finally make one.

It is so simple and there are so many ways you can vary the scent to suit you.

All you need is

1/2 cup oil
1 cup sugar
a few drops of the scented oil of your choice (vanilla, lavender, rose etc...) or you can leave it out.

Simply mix everything together and store in a jar. To use, scoop some out and scrub away.

I love that my skin feels moisturised after using this scrub. Often I would feel extremely dry after a body scrub, but this one leaves my skin feeling exfoliated and soft.

I'm going to make another to keep at my kitchen sink. Sometimes after cutting up raw meat or mixing things with my hands it is nice to use a scrub to clean everything well.

This would make a great gift.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Green things I can do in a few weeks

I am so psyched about moving. There are so many things I am setting in motion for when I move which will make me more environmentally friendly.

Some I could do here, but most I can’t. In case you don’t know I live in a 1 bedroom flat under someone else’s house. The street it’s on is favoured by those who love to speed, making it a little scary to do much outside, as my 3yr old and 1 yr old like to run off. I don’t have a backyard or anything.

So when I move house I will be able to use this

How sad. I am excited over a clothesline and mine isn’t even this good. Mine is slightly bent and doesn’t go up or down. BUT it does dry washing and is in a fenced off backyard, so my kids can’t run onto the road.

This will save me a few hundred a year in electricity and greenhouse gases. Plus sun drying gets more stains out and disinfects etc...

I will also be making one of these

What is that? It’s a solar cooker. You can get much fancier ones, but this is a basic DIY type one. It cooks food slowly using the sun. Since I love my slow cooker I will be able to make food we like in the same manner but with no electricity.

I’ll also be making its cousin, the sun dehydrator. I use my electric one, but to be able to do it naturally would be awesome!

I’ll be getting or making a compost bin/section of my garden. I haven’t decided which I am going with yet, but I’ll be researching it.

I’ll be getting chickens too. I’ll have my own free range eggs. Fresh eggs are so much healthier, tastier, and nutritious and filling compared to their supermarket version.

I’ll have also been reworking how I was going to set up our house. I have decided to put my daughters in a different bedroom. They like a nightlight, this only started a few months ago and we are trying to get them out of it. If we can’t change their habit by the time we move they will be going in the front bedroom. It has a street light outside, which would be great as a night light. I used to open the curtain a crack when I was breast feeding my eldest and it was fantastic.

Since it is already on, why not use that instead of having our own electricity on.

Another alternative is solar lights. Leave them out in the day and bring them in during the night. I only remembered this tip 2 days ago; otherwise I would’ve implemented it when my girls first wanted a light. So far we have had 2 light free nights, so fingers crossed we won’t need them.

And lastly I will be growing more fruit and vegetables. I have a few herbs in pots, but would love a proper vegetable garden and a few fruit trees. I know it will take quite a while before I reap the rewards, but the sooner I start the sooner I see the benefits.

There so much more I will be able to do and it is very exciting, but these are the changes I will be able to make in the first few weeks of moving.

If you want to see more green ideas check out this blog hop I am participating in

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weight loss update

I have started doing exercise and the weight is really not coming off. I have been doing a dance class and whilst the scales have not been nice I can feel my body changing.

I only do 2 classes a week, one is quite intense, the other is more a refresher class. I am really enjoying it and dance is such an all over body work out. I feel so good and motivated after each class.

I am telling myself that the scales have not moved since I am now building more muscle. This better be the case.

It seems whenever I start to exercise heavily the scales actually work in reverse for me. I would love to be in the 60’s for my weight and I am still aiming for that but my current focus is more on health and toning. I am thinking more about getting fitter and how my clothes feel instead of weight.

Mind you, I am starting to wear out quite a few of my clothes as I have such a limited wardrobe. Focussing on losing weight means I do not like buying anything to wear when I don’t plan on wearing it for long!

I have a time frame though. In November I will have to be seen in public in my swimmers. That means I HAVE to be smaller than I am now. I have just under 12 weeks until I will be on holiday in Queensland.

12 WEEKS! If I am fortunate enough to lose 1 kilo a week (unlikely, but I am aiming high!) I would be in the 60’s, quite nicely actually.

I know what I need to do and where I need to put my foot down. It is just a matter of being super strict on myself and doing it.

One of my biggest downfalls is staying up late. I often have trouble sleeping so am up at all hours. This often results in snacking. Not always, but sometimes. I am not usually hungry, just bored and the knowledge that there are snacks to be had (healthy ones usually) is just too tempting.

Thing is it doesn’t matter how healthy it is, if my body doesn’t need it and I am eating out of boredom it is a bad habit I need to break. It is unnecessary food my body will need to burn up.

I was looking at some of my old clothes the other day and I am so close to some of them it is unbelievable. Now, to just lose a bit more and be there!