Thursday, October 21, 2010

My house - trashed

On Saturday we moved back into our house. It needs a lot of work, to give you an idea here are some pics
This is in the lounge room, the first room of our house. All the cornices have mold on them like this, darker in some places.

I am just glad the lounge was not as bad as the bedroom, see...
Yeah, I know the light is a sexy as pendant, lol. That will be getting changed.

The kitchen is worse with the paint peeling, moldy and the oven looking like this

That took heaps of strong as chemicals to get it looking decent. It was near new when they moved in. I wont even show you INSIDE the oven!

Another delightful find in the kitchen was the "patched up" hole in the ceiling.

The rumpus room was not moldy but here is just some of the damage to the floors

The bathroom almost bought me to tears. It was BRAND NEW when they moved in. It had just been completed (not how I wanted it, but that's another story!) Here you can sort of see how bad it is, I know the lighting is not that fantastic, but believe me, it was horrendeous. It looks better in this pic than in reality.

The entire floor looks like this...

And the ceiling like this...

I seriously think they never opened a window or used the exhaust fan.

And next we have my backyard

What? There is a huge pile of crap in my backyard? Yes, there is, and 2 more on the driveway and MORE in the garage. Gee I am so lucky.

Did my tenants get their bond back?

Let me think about that...


On the upside we wanted to repaint and do a few things, so now, whilst it is more work, it is not entirely coming out of our pocket.

AND we got all the paint for less than 1/2 price. The floors are going to be 1/3 what we were quoted previously (a few years ago) and my husband is supremely motivated to finish it and sell it.


Originally he was thinkng we'd take 18 months to 2years. Now he is like asap!!

So stay tuned, I'll update you on the progress.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just one change - Early to bed

So I have been a bit slack this last week due to moving, but I have another change in place for this week...

Got to bed before 10:30pm. I am hopeless and am often up til midnight, which leaves me feeling exhausted the next day. On nights I get to bed earlier and sleep earlier I feel so much better the next day.

My previous changes have been regular exercise e.g. a walk/run 3 times a week and a food diary.

Sorry I am a bit late on this one!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finally moved

I have finally moved house. I moved in on Saturday. Whilst I am happy to finally be here, it was not the homecoming I expected.

The tenants left the house in a terrible state. There was mould, holes, rubbish, cockroaches, everything disgusting you can think of. In fact it was almost so bad we could have been on TV.

We had the next door neighbours march up to our house angry because the tenants had dumped an unregistered car in the street blocking their driveway.

I spent all day Sunday scrubbing the house. I could kiss whoever invented bleach! Lol. It has worked wonders in the house.

We roach bombed the house. On Sunday I made myself a sandwich left the room for a few seconds and came back to 3 roaches chowing down on it. I nearly puked on the spot. I killed them all and tossed it in the bin. The next day we opened the front door and saw SIX just chilling on the back of it. I freaked. We bombed the house and found a tonne of them when we came back. Dead or sill kicking a bit.

Cockroaches give me the creeps. Way more than spiders. I am hoping that problem has now been eliminated. We did not stay at the house while all this went down. We stayed at my mother in laws because we also had no electricity.

You see, according to the electrical company the power had been disconnected. After 4 phone calls to various companies and getting fairly irate I finally got that sorted and we got power on Monday. Fortunately our hot water is on gas and that was connected, so I was able to scrub away on Sunday.

Today we spent the day prepping and puttying the rooms to paint, pricing things at various shops and attacking the garden. There are bindis galore here. Also where the garden beds used to be is now knee high grass. Ok, well 6 hours ago it was, now I have ripped it all out and it is beginning to look normal again.

We won’t be staying in this house, so I won’t be getting chickens and things I would like just yet. I will be busy renovating and hopefully for very cheap.

I have worked out what I want and how much it all is. Now I am just trying to find it for free or cheaper than what I have priced it all at. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My first wardrobe refashion.

Here's one fo my first refashions. I got this dress for mothers day and whilst it was nice, the sleeves never sat right and always annoyed me.

 So I decided to remove the shirt part of the dress and leave the wool part to use as dress. I can wear a white shirt under it if I want, otherwise I can wear anything I like under it. It is getting a whole lot more wear this way than before. I don't have anything on me legs here, but usually I have my leggings and boots.

This next one looks no different in the pictures, so I have just posted one. I got this top a few years ago and only ever wore it as a top under things.

Under the arms was too wide/low, basically the whole was WAY too big. The top of the sleeves was a slit, like a cap sleeve cut up the middle. I hated that. And recently it was developing little holes around the neckline.

So I stitched up the holes, stitched up under the arms and the slit in the sleeve. And you know what? It is now one of my favourite tops. So much so that I want to get fabric to make another!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just One Change - Weight Loss

Last week I joined in One Little Change at the Bristol Project to help me with my weight loss. I made more than one little change though. I started exercising more and put a piece of paper inside my pantry to be my food diary.

My weight has been yoyoing for sometime and I finally decided enough is enough. So I was really good this week.

And you know what?

I lost 3kg!!!! In 1 week. All I did was track what I was eating and push myself harder when exercising. I am now running some of my walk and have taken 15 minutes off my time. YAY! (It would've been more but I got an important phonecall so couldn't run whilst on the phone.)

This week I am going to be cutting out dairy. I don’t eat it a lot but I regularly will have milk, full fat no less. Almost every time I open the fridge I decide to have some. I also like cheese in my salad. I have been curbing these, but need to do it more.

I have yoghurt occasionally and whilst I get no fat yoghurt it has very high carbs.

So this week I will not drink any milk, eat any cheese or yoghurt. No dairy. There are other ways to get calcium!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Cake

This is the cake I made for my daughters 3rd birthday. Not very childlike I know, but she loved it.

It is Macro Foods Gluten Free Chocolate Mud Cake from Woolworths and it is divine. We love it. Not healthy, but oh so tasty.

Since my daughters are strawberry mad I thought I would cover it with what they love.

And they did love it.

Last year she got a butterfly, but this year was more low key so I went with simple.

I used silver inedible butterflies from my craft stash to pretty it up and they thought it was wonderful.

Simple is often so delightful.