Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Before and almost afters

I thought I would give you can update on how the house is coming along.

I only just realised there is no before photo of this room, but it was green. This wall used to be open but was filled up  years ago. It was supposed to be painted, but instead was left green and putty colour. Very attractive. The people who were supposed to do it didn't finish the job. Excuse the mess in this pic, the room is not set up yet.
It has been painted white and the light has been replaced. The light needs the ceiling paint touched up around it, so I will show you that later.

Next this is the main bedroom. Remember the mould in all the cornices?

We bleached everywhere then repainted the ceiling and cornices. Now I am just waiting on my husband to fix one of the holes in the wall so we can paint this room.

We've also removed most of the mould from the bathroom, all the mould in the other areas, started to remove the kitchen, fixed some of the garden and gotten rid of some of their rubbish. The rest is being removed in 2 weeks.

It has been a lot of cleaning, filling holes, sanding and prep work to be able to paint, but we are getting there. In the meantime we have also priced everything else and know exactly what we are buying, which makes things much easier when it comes time to get things.

We are hoping to have most of it done in the next month. Wish us luck!

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