Friday, December 3, 2010

Why I will never use plug in freshners again

Lately I have been quite sick. I have been getting dizzy spells. I would get really weak and faint, I could walk, then my vision would go and I couldn’t see. I could hear, but not respond to those talking to me which was making it hard to do much. An ‘episode’ would completely exhaust me and I would often sleep afterwards, sometimes for hours. I was tired all the time.

I went to my doctors about it and had to go for a ct scan, which came back clear. I was then booked in to get more tests with a neurologist which will be happening in about a fortnight.

In the meantime I was discussing it with my mum and we both thought possible chronic fatigue so I did some Googling. Gotta love Google.

Anyway, I came across some articles talking about the link between CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and those plug in air freshners and it dawned on me. I have only had these symptoms since plugging them in. We put one in the car because my kids spilt some drinks and we cleaned it but it still had a ‘scent’. A few weeks later we got one for home because my mother in law had one and we liked the smell. When we moved house we got 2 because the house was much bigger.

Looking at the timeline of my symptoms and how they gradually got worse I realised it is probably those things, so I unplugged.

The next day I was still not 100% nor did I expect o be but I did feel better. It was the first day in quite some time I had not needed a nap during the day. I was able to do things and whilst I was still tired it was not to the point of being unable to do anything, which was such a relief.

It has been almost 2 weeks since I unplugged and my symptoms are pretty much gone. I still do not feel completely back to normal, but it looks like that can take up to a few months anyway but I do feel A LOT better.

I will still go to the neurologist because I don’t want to misdiagnose myself, but I am pretty confident I have sorted the problem!


  1. WOW, congratulations and thanks for sharing! Never thought of using those as i am an old-fashioned incense using girl, and now I never will! That's great you discovered the source..."Physician heal thyself," eh :)

  2. Yeah, I never used to use them. My sister in law has severe reactions to them as well.

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