Thursday, March 3, 2011

Changes from an unsettled life

I have been feeling rather unsettled lately and I could not put my finger on exactly why. I know part of the reason is that I am waiting to move so am in a transitionary period, but today after talking to my sister in law and reading a few cool new blogs I discovered such as Little Eco Footprints I realised just how much of my life seems to be on hold ‘until we move’ which may not be for another 12 months (I am hoping no more than 6, but realistically it could be more like 12).

I want things like a vegetable garden, fruit trees, chickens and a solar cooker, all of which I have been putting off until we move. If I am not moving for 12 months, there is no reason for me not to have a vegetable garden. I could plant some fruit trees in large pots. I can make and use a solar cooker now, nothing is stopping me.

I also realised we have not been on a family holiday or day trip for some time. We have moved here and have been so focused on the renovations and getting back to Canberra, that everything else seems to have slipped by the wayside.

We were discussing the other night how we need more of a routine here to be able to juggle my studies, my blog, my book, my husband’s work, me finding work and hubby staying home, family activities, date nights and fun stuff for the kids.

I realised that our life has been passing us by and we need to be living more of it. Yes, we really want the renovations done and I need to study and do things for my book and that, but if we were using our time better and planning things better we wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed with everything.

Part of this thinking was bought about by a thread I read in a forum today about sex education at a school and with 8 year old boys. I was not impressed with what the teachers were teaching and it just made me more determined to home school.

Really, I do not know if I can handle homeschooling. I am not a mum who loves being at home with her kids. I do love my kids, but I find being here day in day out hard. But after events of today, I realised I just need to change my attitude, change my routine and start enjoying my kids more. I want to be able to home school them and for all of us to enjoy it. Frankly, all stories I have heard about schools lately have me petrified about sending my kids to one.

I dream of traveling with my kids and letting them experience what we are learning about. I want them to not just read about things in books, but to go to the places and experience the food, the lifestyles, everything. I want them to have a passion for learning and life.

I am a real traveler. I love it and had I not married young would have spent years as a back packer quite happily. That was not to be. Instead I married an awesome guy who happens to have lots of international connections and has hooked us up better than I could ever have imagined when traveling.

I realised tonight, we need a family holiday! And I am not talking a visit to see family. I am talking going somewhere for a few days or a week and just relaxing. Preferably near a beach...

Its not really in our budget right now, so I will be looking into what frugal options we have.


  1. people in canberra think Pine island is a beach???
    what about The Coast? you can get cheap places there this time of year...

  2. Yeah, was considering the south coast, but too far, then looked up central coast, there's heaps to do for free and its only 1hr away. So I am planning 1st weekend in April.

  3. I have several friends who homeschool and love it. I could never do it. I need the break. Plus, I have been blessed with great schools and kids who adjust well and learn in most environments. Best of luck as you make this decision and move forward with it.

    And I totally get what you mean about feeling unsettled. It's so hard when you feel stuck in the future. Can't move ahead with things until this happens. And in the process, miss now.

    I'm working on that. On many levels. In fact, I think I'll be posting about it soon. Maybe something will ring true for you.

    I hope you get a great family getaway soon. Sounds like you could really use it.

  4. I can totally relate to your comments about having so much on. I've been making a concious effort to slow down for a while now. It was hard initially dropping things, but over time all those things that kept me busy were not as important as the quality meaninful time i now spebd with family.

    Re the garden. Yep, there's nothing stopping you from starting a potted garden. Even if initially its just a few herbs in pots. I also love doing sprouts on the kitchen bench. I continually have mung beans sprouting (they are really checap in bulk) and I use them as I would a green in stir-fry's and salads.

    Enjoy your get-away :-)