Monday, March 28, 2011

Kitchen set back

I have been without a proper kitchen since October when we moved and had to rip out the one that was in our house. It was putrid. It needed to be removed instantly. Think cockroach and mice invasion so bad you want to throw up on the spot.

Anyway, things were coming along nicely. We did have to wait here and there for different tradesmen to come and do stuff but the hardest part has been the plumbing. We had been roughly quoted a price by some plumbers and finally got one to come out on Friday. He says we need to change the piping under the kitchen from steel to copper and he’d work out the price.

So we get a call that afternoon, the price is nearly 3 times the original price. Now, he is a friend of a friend who says he is doing us a deal, but we just can’t fathom that a price would jump by that much. Even after seeing the piping and knowing what he had to do, after the rough quote, he upped it a little, but said it wouldn’t be much more than that.

So we are looking at getting a few more quotes. Its frustrating as it sets the kitchen back and with the kitchen set back, the floors can’t be done either, so it feels like all the renovations have been pushed back.

I have slowly been working on the garden and have some ideas, but the main big things in the house I either need a tradesman or my husband around to do, as it is impossible with 2 little girls.

I did finally get to move the old wardrobes out of the house today. That’s right, even though we have had built in robes installed, the old stand alone robes were still in the room, because I just could not get my husband to move them.

Tomorrow I plan on removing more things I can do myself and putting up a painting. He won’t let me but it has sat on the floor for 5 months. It is beyond a joke and I want it up!

I am realising I want less and less in our house. We have too much furniture for my liking and I want a more streamline, clutter free home.

It is coming along really slowly.


  1. slowly but surely...
    and I agree... painting on the wall! even though ur not planning on staying there, it should feel like home whilst ur there... that painting is very you. (the frangipani right?)

  2. It is the frangipani,lol, hopefully will go up today.