Friday, March 25, 2011

Seeing what we really look like

I am finding my perception of what I look like is less and less what I really look like. I took a photo of myself in my favourite jeans and planned on posting about how our favourite jeans might not love us as much as we love them. I seriously thought I looked like a hippo in these jeans, where as in my other jeans I thought I looked much slimmer.

Oh, I know I look slimmer in my other jeans, but I do not look as fat as I thought in these jeans (fyi, my black top is super baggy, hence why my hand is in their weird pose, and the photo was taken by me, without a timer. I don’t know how to use that yet, lol)

It was quite an eye opener. These jeans are a size 12. As is most of my clothing now. I have trouble seeing myself as a size 12 though. I have been a size 14 for so long, I just sort of accepted it, despite the fact I could ‘dak’ (aussie slang for rip pants off) myself with my size 14 jeans. Literally. I need a belt with them or they start to slide as I am walking.

That is an amazing feeling. Knowing you are too small for most of your clothing.

I was a 10 – 12 when I got married. These jeans are pre kids jeans. I tried them on to see how much more I needed to lose and they fit!!

I know my weight has not changed, but obviously my body has.

I still struggle with the thought of being that size again. I know I am much happier with my size. I know my body is a different shape to before I had kids which is why I probably can’t fathom it.

Have you ever looked at yourself and gone “Wow! Do I really look like that?” In a good way, not the ‘gee I look tragic there’ way.

Women often have the worst opinions and views of themselves. Have you seen the movie ‘White Chicks”? My husband thinks its hilarious. Anyway, there is a scene in it in the dressing room, where one of the girls is trying on clothes and she looks great but she flips out into ‘I am a huge fatty with cellulite” psycho mode.

Now, its comedy, but the sad reality is, its just a very condensed version of what we do to ourselves every day. How often do you blow off compliments or put something on and go, “Ugh, look at my fat belly/wobbly arms/cellulite thighs/saggy butt!” Or worse yet, how often do we point these flaws out to other people.

Often husbands get to hears this on a daily basis about all our body imperfections/how ugly we are. You know what? They usually disagree. In their opinion you are beautiful. Same with friends and family. Most people do not see us the way we see ourselves.

I am not saying we need to run around telling everyone we are the best thing since sliced bread, but we could start with telling ourselves we are beautiful, thanking people for compliments and stop criticising our looks in the mirror and to our husbands/partners/family and friends.


  1. good post... very true post... extremely applicable to almost every female out there!!!
    It's funny cause C was whinging about his weight not moving either but his stomach is definately slimmer... body change is great too, not only weight loss :)

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    it's all about her battle with weight, it's really good!