Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!! Chocolate Pizza and Dracula

Anyone feel like chocolate pizza?

 This is so easy to make and is a great present or alternative to the usual bunny.

All you need is chocolate and lollies, plus sprinkles if you want.

Melt the chocolate. Pour onto a pizza tray (put baking paper or glad wrap or something down so it doesn't stick). Place whatever lollies you like on it and cover with sprinkles. Leave it to set in the fridge and that's it!

You could make mini ones for parties instead of lolly bags, make big ones for presents or just make it because chocolate is awesome.

If chocolate pizza isn't your thing how about a chocolate Dracula?

That's right! These are the awesome sort of chocolates I make. Actually the reason I got the Dracula mold in the first place was because of sweet childhood memories. Christmas 1996 to be exact.

That was the year we moved from Tasmania to Canberra. We stayed with friends the few days after Christmas whilst the house was packed up and cleaned, then off we went on The Spirit of Tasmania to drive to our new home. Actually, we stayed in a motel for a week first.

Anyway, that year we got awesome chocolates. I don't remember what my siblings got but I got DRACULA!!! I thought it was awesome. The one I got had white skin, black hair and cape, red mouth etc... it was really well done. So when I saw the Dracula chocolate mold on eBay, I bought it.

I also have a baby mold plus your regular Easter eggs, chocolate bars and Christmas ones.

What can I say? I like chocolate!


  1. i think one of us got a teddy bear but i only remember ur dracula!

  2. I got the teddy to go with my teddy bear collection and I didn't want to eat it coz it was too cute LOL Choc pizza is an awesome idea maybe I'll have it for dineer hehe