Sunday, May 15, 2011

You're not like you used to be

My husband recently pointed out "You used to dress like xyz and wear your hair like xyz and your make up never showed pimples, your skin was perfect..." blah blah blah, it went on for a bit. I just smiled sweetly and thought 'Well, sunshine, YOU used to have 17inch fully cut biceps, a defined chest, no back hair, more hair ON your head, no pot/beer belly (he doesn't drink but he is verging on having a pretty damn good beer gut!), ALWAYS wore aftershave (it's like we got married and this magical thing happened, if it made him smell nice he stopped using it) and the list goes on, but I don't point it out. I said nonw of that.

Okay, sometimes when I am waxing (I have PCOS Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, so have to do my face regularly) I have suggested I could do his back for him. I AM trained too, so it's not like I just want to, I can!

Other than that, I try not to point out what has changed with him, because that is what happens to everyone. We change. We get older, fatter, sometimes thinner, we get stretch marks and when you have children the time is not always there to take care of yourself properly.

So what did I say in response to all this?

"Honey, do you realise that when I did all that, I had no kids and worked, so had my wage to pay for my beauty stuff and it cost $10,000 or more a year. Do you have a spare $10,000 coz I sure as hell will use it if you do!"

This amount shocked him.

Now, I haven't let myself go completely. I am about 10kg heavier than when we got married, but am not in bad shape. I often wear make up , still make and effort with my hair etc... It just not as shiny as it used to be. The shampoo and conditioner I used to use costs $35 a bottle. Yes, $70 for JUST the shampoo and conditioner. Then add in the treatment, various other hair products such as this one

Alfaparf Crystralli liquid

It is my favourite ever product. It adds shine, makes my hair dry faster, smoother and is just the best product I have ever used. Being a hairdresser, I have used a lot of products.

Anyway, I decided I would go get my make-up done by different people to see what they recommend for me.

The first picture was one of these 'make-overs'. I was not trying to look away, I was trying to get decent light so my camera was propped up on a window and I am looking at the view window, because it is sideways.

I didn't like it.

My skin looks bad, I am not into purple eye shadow and its just not me at all.

My skin is bad to begin with, I am working on it. I need to drink more water and cleanse more often. I have gotten really lazy with the whole skin care thing.

As such I am going to give myself a complete make over. It is going to include everything:

It's not going to be cheap, so it is going to be a gradual thing, but I am experimenting. One thing I have noticed though...

Since I have been making more of an effort, he started wearing aftershave again!


  1. wow... that makeover actually made you look chubbier! holy crap...
    But I'm glad he is wearing aftershave again :)
    good luck!!!!

  2. Ok, so it's not just me. I thought that when I looked at it in the mirror, but then thought maybe I was having a fat day, lol.

  3. It's funny how guys pick up on this sort of thing but don't realise how much effort it actually takes to maintain the look you had pre-kids.

    Glad to hear he's wearing aftershave again. There might be a few more changes for the better in him once he see's what you are up to. :-)

  4. lol, I know, hey Alicia. Thanks. :)

  5. You're really quite beautiful you know, don't let anyone tell you different!