Saturday, July 16, 2011

Free Food

Last week we had a lot of help in the form of free food from a friend. They get a van load of food each week to give to people who need it. I could not believe what we got!

4 loaves of multigrain bread

2 packets of cherries

4 capsicums

3 bunches of beetroot

3kgs of apples

3 packets of snow peas

2 bunches of celery

1 lemon

1 cos lettuce

1 bag of chestnuts

1 cucumber

This is amazing! There is so much to make with all of this. Some of my first ideas were:

- Stirfry (snow peas, capsicum, celery with a few others things I have)

- Beetroot chunky dip (using some chestnuts crushed, roast some beetroot and ricotta cheese I have already) this could be used mixed with pasta for a yummy dinner we love

- Apple cherry pie (although the cherries just got eaten so fast)

- The lemon will be used for a cold remedy as we have been sick

- Lettuce to be used with taco’s

- Salad – using lettuce, cucumber, chestnuts, celery, capsicum etc…

I have had to Google beetroot recipes as it is not something we eat a lot of but I do like them. They are really good for you to. I have read about others using the juice of beetroot to colour food pink, so am considering this for my daughter’s birthday. I would freeze it.

I saw a curry recipe I am thinking about, as I have the rest of the ingredients, as well as a beetroot cake or brownie recipe. I like carrot, zucchini and pumpkin cakes so I am sure I would like chocolate beetroot cake.

So now I am going to be cooking up a storm and should have pics this week to show you what I have made.

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