Sunday, October 30, 2011

Decisions - Halloween costumes, homeschooling and life

I have so many decisions to make, some small, some much larger. Yet I feel like I have to wait before I can make any decision.

You see, my house is on the market. If it sells we move. If it doesn't we stay. If we move we will be renting, but the money from the sale will pay off our personal loan and leave us with a nice sum in the bank. If we don't sell we still have to pay off that loan each week. We also need to finish the renovations to the house.

I need to decide what to wear for Halloween. We weren't going to be doing anything, but now we are going to Canberra and my lovely sister is doing something for her kids, and some of her nieces and nephews at her sister in laws house, so I need a quick outfit for me and my kids. How sad is it we have pretty much nothing. I do have a gothic/medieval style dress for me I am pretty sure I can use somehow and 1 fairy outfit, plus a tutu I think. I will be checking my stuff tomorrow. (Go me with last minute planning).

Schooling as reared it's ugly head again. We enrolled our daughter at a school in the next suburb. They just raised their prices from like $10 a week to $50, 3hrs a day, 5 days a week. I realise this is still cheap. We have a few issues with it now though.

1.) It is expensive in comparison to what we expected and what my family are paying, in another state. The one I want to live in.
2.) It is attached to a public primary school, so you would assume minimal fees.
3.) Now my husband has permanent work, which is shift work, we are not exactly sure how I will get our daughter there all the time. It is too far for both kids to walk, we don't have bikes and even if we did it is partially up hill. We are getting them out walking more in the hopes that by the time she goes to school, our kids will be able to walk the distance. Although on hot summer days or wet winter days that is going to suck.
4.) If we sell our house, we will not be attending this school.
5.) The idea of homeschooling still appeals, but we are not sure it is practical for us.

So many variables for so many things just rely on whether we sell our house or not. It has one week left of the real estate agreement. I am not sure what we want to do, continue for a bit longer or just pull it and realise that we are stuck here for 4years or so.

House prices are dropping and we kind of just want the house gone. We don't want to be here in 4 years. My husband has been working pretty much every single day, leaving no time to do any renovations and I don't see the house getting finished any time soon. I just want out.

What to do, what to do. I know I am the only one (with my husband) who can make these decision. I guess most of it will be made in a week, when the agency agreement is up and we decide whether to continue or not. Or if our house sells this week, that would make the decision for us too.

I want the house sold.


  1. Can I just comment on the homeschooling part? We have been homeschooling for almost 5 years now (using Time4Learning) and that means there will be one less thing to worry about when we put our house on the market after the 1st of the year. The homeschool laws are different there than where we live now. We will be moving suburb to country, new state, leaving old friends, but she will still know that no matter where she is, her teacher (me!) will be the same, her books, and computer curriculum will be the same. I am just glad it is possible for us to homeschool. I hope your plans move forward toward where you want to be, best of luck, and don't rule out homeschooling yet!

  2. Thanks Linda. I do think homeschooling is fantastic and would love to, I am just not sure I have the patience. I definitely think it is preferable. Thanks for sharing. :)