Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shoulder injury

Not long after my last post I managed to hurt my shoulder quite significantly. Ok, not just my shoulder, but my elbow, hip and caused a fair amount of bruising. This of course put an immediate pause on my crafting challenge.

I was extremely impressed with my 4yr old when I hurt myself. I slipped in the shower and landed at an odd angle and felt like I had ripped my shoulder out. I of course screamed and was crying. She immediately called out to me and ran to help, but the door was locked. My husband came to help too. I was eventually able to calm myself and unlock the door. The whole time my 4 yr old was saying to me "It's ok mum, I am here, I will help, you will be ok." And trying to calm me with a very soothing voice. It was gorgeous.

My husband went off looking for a sling and my 4yr old looked at me in my towel and said "Right, we get you dressed!" And set about getting me clothes and helping me get dressed. She continued to pat my hand and tell me I would be ok. She would help me.

She was so good. She then put my hair up for me and helped her dad get some things ready to take me to the hospital (it was late and the only option. I wanted to wait until the morning to see how I was, but he insisted.)

This was Saturday night and since then my daughter has been my 'big helper' doing what she can to help me, giving me kisses and helping take care of her little sister.

I am lucky I did not break anything, just did muscle and ligament damage. I am slowly getting better. I can move it more now, but can only do a little bit of anything before it starts to ache.

I am so proud of my daughter for being so mature and knowing what to do.

I do have a few posts to put up soon of crafts I did before Christmas. I just need to edit the photos a little then I will have an advent calendar and dream catcher tutorial for you all.

But until my shoulder is better, I won't be doing any crafting.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Craft Stash Challenge

I have a stack of craft stuff, with loads of unfinished projects. Look at this:

Even that tall boy is full of craft stuff. It's crazy. I have so much, thankfully I have stopped buying anymore. I have too many projects that need to be completed but I never seem to get around to it.

As such I will not be buying anything more until I use up what I have and complete the projects I set out to do!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I am under 80kgs!

I just weighed myself and am so excited to finally see a 7 at the start of my weight instead of an 8. I am 79.5kgs. My husband laughed at me when I jumped up and down all excited. He responded with "It's onlt a 500g difference." Yes, but it means I am in the 70's not 80's anymore, so that 500g means a lot to me!

I started about 7 weeks ago really trying to lose weight again. I got a free weight watchers membership, have been trying to get more exercise and have been a whole lot more conscious of what I ma eating what nutritional value there is in things etc.

I was 84kgs when I started. My weight is coming off slowly, but since I added it over a period of years, it is not like it will melt away overnight.

My clothes are feeling loser which is very exciting. I know at this point no one will really notice the difference, but I am feeling it. When I hit another 5kgs or so I think people might notice more.

I also think the Americans are right in using pounds for weight loss. Saying I lost 10 pounds sounds so much cooler than 4.5kgs. But on the other hand if I had to say my weight in pounds I think I would choke!

How is your weight loss going?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting out of the rut

I'll be honest. I have been feeling rather low lately. I have a lot going on and plenty to be excited about but for about a month I just felt completely flat.

I know part of the reason, but I could not shake it. I have snapped out of it now, to a point and thought I would share what I have done to help me.

The biggest thing was creating a motivation wall. I decided since I was flat I should look at things I wanted to achieve or do and things I wanted in my life. It started with pinterest then I realised I needed these things printed out and in my home again.

I decided to get organised. I wrote out a post schedule for my biggest blog. Printed a calendar to put up on my wall, started using my daily diary properly and recording dates and things. My next step is a household binder.

I decluttered. This is ongoing but we have been selling and donating everything we don't use. Our garage is clear and it feels great.

We completed projects. I was beginning to feel like everything in our life was a half done project. There are still many things that need to be done but my husband went around and did things I had been asking to be done for over a year. It is so nice to have them completed. Also I completed some craft projects I had been meaning to do (I will be sharing these over the next few days). Some of these projects I had started before I had kids (over 4 years ago!).

I set goals. I am a big goal setter and now I have 3 big things I am working towards which is motivating me.

1 - Our debt cleared. It is down to $5,700. Considering only 2 months ago it was $9,000 I am really happy with our progress.
2 - Tonga. We want to go for 3 months. At first we had no idea how this would be possible, but the more we looked at it, the easier it seems.
3 - USA. I want to go to the USA again. I want to have a white Christmas and one of my friends is getting married over there in 12 months. We know how much we need and I really believe we can do it.

All these things have motivated me so much. I feel so much happier and I am out of the rut I have been in.

What do you do to motivate yourself?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 - The year of ME!

Last year was so up and down that I decided this year I want to make it about me. Reinventing myself, following my heart and basically just trying to make life for my family and I better.

Christmas Eve morning I dyed my hair since my husband had been asking me for a while to go blonder (I am blonde, but this is REALLY blonde!) See...

And it's funny, because that small change made such a difference. I felt better about myself, my husband loves it and I got loads of compliments on it. It made me realise I need to take more time out to do things like this for myself.

I have been 'trying' to lose weight all year. I had not fully committed myself though, well not as much as I could have. I did lose weight, but nowhere near what I wanted and I finished the year lighter than I started, but not the lightest I have been all year.

Upon reflection of this year I realised the reason I had not achieved some of the things I set out to do in 2011 (including the weight loss) was that I did not put myself first.

I have been so focused on finishing renovations, work and my kids (not that the focus on children is a bad thing) that I sort of neglected myself.

So for 2012 I want to do more for me.

This will include:
- Regular hair/beauty treatments. I do it myself, but never book the time with myself.
- Regular exercise. With daylight savings and finer weather I can get out and do more. I have already started walking more and doing some exercise at home.
- Complete some bucket list things. I want to travel a lot, but have not done anywhere near the amount of travel I would like, so I am looking at how I can change this.
- Focus on health. I want to switch to organic products, including food for the whole family.

What is your focus for 2012?