Friday, February 17, 2012

Gardening delights

I am so excited. I finally have decent things growing in my garden and some of them I have grown from seed! I still need to get a new memory card for my camera, so no pictures but currently I have:

- Strawberries
- Sage
- Aloe vera
- Lettuce
- Carrots
- Kumara

I have seeds to plant more items and plan to tomorrow. I have been getting areas ready and planning out how I want to do it in my yard. Soon my big palm tree in this picture will be chopped down thanks to my amazing brother in law.

(It's bigger than that now, this pic os over 12 months old)
It has been pushing on the fence and has also decided to have a baby next to it, plus the roots go along all the back fence, making it hard to plant anything.

My plan is to have at least 4 garden beds, but to make no dig gardens along the back or down the side and add some fruit trees. I was thinking where you can see the metal fence at the front of the picture putting in some passionfruit or other fruiting vine to grow over that fence.

We have such a large backyard but don't really use the space well.

My next step is also chickens. I need to find or build a coop but I already know where to get my chooks so once it is ready I can get them.

I am trying to accept I will be here for longer than I would like and as such am growing more and making the house a home.

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