Saturday, March 3, 2012

House renovations

Our house is in a long, slow process of being renovated. If you want to see the before pics of when our tenants left it in a "special" state click here.

We have done a few things since those photos such as:
- Repainted most of the house
- Cleared all the rubbish
- Scrubbed and cleaned A LOT
- Changed curtains
- Put in a new kitchen (splash back still to be completed)

BUT all these things were done with the idea we were going to sell and move quickly. That has not happened. We have been here about 18 months and had I known we would be here for this long I would have done a few things differently.

As such I have decided to make a few changes here and there around the home to make it more how I want my home to be.

Firstly I will be finishing our bedroom. I need to complete the pillow cases, remove some furniture and things, but it shouldn't take too long.

Next I want to redo my daughters bedrooms. They are pretty bare and boring, not little girly right now.

I want to complete the splashback in our kitchen, then paint that room. Finish the paint in the bathroom, the back room and get blinds for the back room.

I am also working on our garden a little. We now have a driveway and really need something on the sides of it and the front yard to make it look more appealing.

We have painted our front rail, replaced fly screens and put in a new letterbox so the front does look better, but there is more we could do.

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