Saturday, June 2, 2012

Journal Jars

I made these cute little journal jars for a lesson I was teaching the other week.

I am a Young Womens leader for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was teaching on personal records/journals (Manual 1, Lesson 19) and I came across a suggestion for a hand out where questions were printed out and rolled up to put in mini gum ball machines. I thought I would roll them into mini scrolls and put in a jar so each day they could pull one question out and have something to write about in their journal to help them get in the habit. The girls absolutely loved it.

It did take a long time to roll every little strip of paper. I did while watching a couple of movies. As long as it took, I definitely think it was worth it. I only teach once a month as we all share the teaching so it is easier for me to put a little extra time into hand outs and things. My kids even helped roll some of them and they were so excited to help.

I wrote the quote on the board which was a suggested hand out at the back of the manual, then placed 2 of my journals and my old personal progress book on the black board shelf like so

I am lucky no one uses our class room before we have Young Womens, so I was able to do it before class. The 365 diary is something I am currently doing. I write something I am grateful for each day in it, as I had fallen out of the habit of keeping a diary I thought this would be a great way for me to be more grateful and to get back into the habit. The girls really liked that idea.

You can't see it in this picture, but my personal progress book has smoke and water damage thanks to my ouse being burnt down and another time my house being flooded. The girls were fascinated with my old personal progress book and all wanted a look.

The last was my actual journal, which of course none of them asked to read or anything. I think having it set up like this as well as the hand out made it more personal and interesting then just reading from the book.

Also for New Beginnings at the start of the year I had given each girl a box for them to keep their weekly hand outs in. Inside the box I had put a pen and a journal for them to use. In the journal I suggested they write their "Praise, Pits and Prayer" meaning:
Praise - something good that happened
Pits - something bad that happened and preferably how they dealt with it/overcame it/will deal with it
Prayer - something they prayed for, a prayer that was answered or something along the lines of prayer.

Even writing 1 line on each of these is a great way to start keeping a journal.

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