Monday, January 7, 2013

A Soul Mate List?

Recently I did a life coaching session and one of the things suggested was a soul mate list. I am in the middle of a divorce and now is apparently a good time for me to write down what it is I want in a partner/husband.

I have friends who have done this with great success, one in particular that comes to mind has been married (2nd marriage) for 30 years now. She literally wrote her list, prayed to God and within 6 weeks met her soul mate. He ticked all her boxes.

I was told I need to be very specific, but there were some specifics mentioned that do no phase me. Some of my list is quite shallow, but I had to be specific. So here some of my "soul mate requirements"...

- Over 6ft, preferably 6ft 2" - 6ft 6". My dad, uncles, brother and many of their friends when I was growing up are all in this height range. I remember my mum saying a few things when I was younger about height being important and while my ex was just shy of 6ft, I would have loved a little more height.
- Trustworthy, someone I respect and admire
- Intelligent in many ways but especially with a strong interest in finance/economics
- Someone I can leave in charge of the finances and other big decisions. I am happy to still work and things, but would love my husband to be the leader and take control, which comes back to the trust/respect and interest in finance.
- Responsible
- Loves my kids
- Long fingers and smooth skin
- No children. I know, that's slack because I have kids, but I am not sure I could be a good step mum.
- Strong family values, similar to my own
- Patient, slow to anger and a good problem solver
- Sense of humour similar to mine
- Quick thinker. I think to fast for some people so I would like someone who keeps up with me.
- Lean, fit and healthy. I am not into a mass of muscles, but prefer leaner men, but I still want him to be fit and healthy.
- Christian
- Happy for me to work, but he provides for the family financially, so I can still do what I enjoy, but no pressure to provide.
- Doesn't want me to have fake nails.
- Doesn't put more effort into his looks than I do. I find it a real turn off when men shave everything and spend hours getting ready. I want a man, not a primpy/prissy/dolled up boy.
- Financially savvy
- Speaks another language fluently

I have a few others, but don't want to post them. Did you have a soul mate check list? What are your thoughts on them?

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