Monday, June 17, 2013

New home decor

I am so excited about moving to my new house. I have been picking out new furniture (I currently have half a lounge, seriously!) I am going with a beachy theme, think blues, greens, white, sandy/beige colours throughout the house. I am renting so can only decorate with decor.

I picked my lounge, a funky chair, coffee table, amazing chair for my room, a new mirror that looks like a window and opens to have a chalk board behind, lamps, I didn't even have a kettle or microwave in my Sydney house, so all those sort of things have been acquired as well.

One thing I have never found is an awesome floor rug that I love. A few weeks ago I was looking around and came upon this one

Which I got from here.

I love it. It's softer than I expected, the colours match the theme I want perfectly and best of all my kids love it too. When it arrived the were all "oooh" and "aaahh", "Oh mum, I love it. Can I sleep on it?" Um, no, you have a bed!

I can't wait to put this in my new house, along with a bunch of other things I have to decorate with and make our house a home.

What is your home decor theme(s) or what would you like them to be?


  1. I am dreaming of having an ethnic-themed home. It seems a relaxing theme. And now I am starting to collect stuffs with ethnic impression like wall decors and centrepieces when I have the chance to travel.

  2. I've just read a whole heap of posts that have been done since I was on this blog. I loved your post about your Mother's Day. I did have breakfast at my local cafe with my mum and sister and then we had a family gathering in the evening however for my Mother's Day presents I just got presents that my kids got from the mothers stall at school and they know me well and pick things for me and it's that thought that makes my heart happy. This week my 7 year old brought home part of her Mother's Day gift (yes this week) as they were doing a tidy up in their class room and on Mother's Day she said she had done one more thing for me but couldn't find it. Well it is adorable. Just 4 pages of printed words where the child fills out the rest. It read 5 words to describe my mum and my 7 year old wrote "happy" "byootfol" (aka beautiful) "nise" (aka nice) "loveing" (aka loving) "speshool" (aka special) and this little piece of paper is worth any gift from any shop. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia