Sunday, July 7, 2013

Second hand bargains - Louboutins, Nike, Jimmy Choo and more!

On Saturday I went with Jac Lambert to Fash'n'Treasure (a fashion market here in Canberra) and Frock Up (a vintage fashion fair). Frock it up was mostly pretty expensive, but I scored some great bargains throughout the day of shopping.

Jac got there before me and scoped it out which meant by the time I got there, she knew where to go and what I would want. She scored an awesome cuff worth $70 from Helen Cross (a politician who also makes jewellery) for $10. Amazing thing is I was going to buy amethyst the day before but didn't know where to do it in Canberra. Check it out

I got a few other pieces of jewellery that I love, 3 necklaces and a pair of earrings, which I will show later when I wear them plus a peacock ring.

These shoes were being sold by an old friend of Jac's. Perfect colour because I have been looking for nude colour shoes.

They are Christian Louboutin's!!! I have always wanted a pair and now I have some. So excited.

Jac also spied these Nike heels. I ended up getting them for half the price the stall holder had on them and I know she wasn't happy about that. She had them at $80 originally Jac said, when we walked past they were $50 and I asked if she'd take $40. Whereas with the Louboutins I put them on and said "Yep, mine. How much?" They had a sticker on the bottom, but I hadn't looked and I knew I wanted them.

One of the final purchases of the day was this Jimmy Choo bag. I was over the moon to see it and the price tag was even better.

It is perfect for putting in my iPad, notepaper and things. It has 3 large compartments and a few smaller ones. I love it and the straps are adjustable.

I am trying to expand my shoe and bag collection but with quality items. I have an ok collection of bags but most are cheaper and you can feel it. They haven't lasted as well as my quality ones.

I also picked up 2 vinetage dresses, one I will making into a top and the other I am wearing on Thursday night for my 1950's housewarming. I also picked up 2 skirts, one vinetage and one hot pink Cue skirt.

It was a fantastic day and just what I needed. I am so excited about the stuff Jac got too. She picked up an amazing jacket which actually came from Vegas in the 80's and suits her perfectly.

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