Friday, April 25, 2014

If you let it go, you will be provided for

Are you struggling to hold things together? Are you emotionally, spiritually and financially spent? Instead of worrying over it, just let it go.

I am very spiritual and I still have strong spiritual beliefs, despite not affiliating myself with any particular religion anymore. The past 2 years have been rather trying and much of the time, all I could do was let it go and trust I would be taken care of. That was hard.

I used to fret and worry over things, go over the budget again and again, stress about any unexpected expenses and just seemed to not be in a place of peace, but rather a self created hell. I had many good things in my life, but spent so much time worrying about things, I feel like I attracted more negative things into my life.

I knew about vision boards. I knew that what we focused on is what we attract, but it was so hard to let go of the need to control and to not try and fix every little thing.

"Everything happens for a reason" is something I have heard a lot, but I have really put it into practice. From a religious perspective, it was a matter of stepping back and trusting the Lord to take care of my family and my needs. From a different spiritual perspective, it is trusting the Universe or whoever would take care of your needs.

There are two aspects of this to remember though:
- God helps those who help themselves
- Opportunity is where luck meets preparation.

That is, let go and trust you will be taken care of, but don't just sit there and wait. This sounds like contradicting advice, but hear me out.

You can let go emotionally, trust spiritually that you will be take care of while still being aware and open to opportunities. The solution to your problem often does not lie where you think it should or it isn't solved the way you would have done it. But the longer you hold on to your way of fixing your problem, the longer you will have your problem.

I have a process now which helps me to let go of my problems, which still being open to solutions.
1.) Acknowledge the need for help
Being aware you need help and asking for it is hard. Admitting you cannot do it all is not admitting defeat. Rather, it shows strength of character to realise you need to accept the help that is out there and to let go.
2.) Pray, ask for help, then trust
Get on your knees and pray to God, meditate and ask the Universe or follow whatever method it is for your religion/spirituality. Express gratitude for all you do have, express you problems or desire for help, but don't express how it should be fixed. Just be grateful and honest, then trust it will be taken care of.
3.) Stop thinking about it and go about your business
Get on with things. Do what you need to do, all the things you usually do and don't be looking for signs everywhere. Stop thinking about how to fix your problem and you will often find the answer in the most unusual way.
4.) Express gratitude constantly.
I am always thanking God for the wonderful things in my life as well as the lessons I learn from negative experiences. It is not always immediately clear why things are happening, but trust and know that it will work out.
5.) Family and friends
I have a close support network whom I rely on and often just talking to them about my problems will see one of them come up with a great solution I never would have thought of.

How do you deal with problems too big for you?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Modern Icons 1970's look with Max Factor

I'm a fan of decades past, particularly the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. Despite being born in the 80's there isn't much in terms of fashion and beauty that really inspires me in recent years. Max Factor have been reinventing looks from the past and I was given some products to try and recreate the 1970's look which has been inspired by Farrah Fawcett, a true beauty of her time.

If I had done this last week I could have rocked the look with my blonde hair, with the flicks and all. But a spur of the moment change saw me looking more Kate Jackson with my hair.

To create the look I used:

Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Flawless 3 In 1 Foundation (it's a primer, concealer and foundation all in one, with SPF 20.) I used Beige.
Max Factor shadow post - Savage Rose, Auburn Envy and Burnt Bark
Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush  in Chestnut
Max Factor Colour X-pert waterproof eyeliner in black
Max Factor Volume Express Mascara in Black (I am in love with this mascara!)
Mirenesse Lipgloss 
And as you can see, I don't have many makeup brushes at the moment, so had to make do with these.

To start with I looked like this:

The Max Factor foundation I used is a 3 in 1, so I just added a little more in areas I wanted more coverage such as under my eyes and a few red blemishes.

I have quite uneven skin so an easy to use foundation is great. I used to do corrective green, concealer, foundation and a powder. 

Sweep the whole lid, up to the eyebrows with Auburn Envy. 

Followed by dabbing Burnt Bark in the middle of the lid like below then blend through to the corner of your eye, away from your nose.

Next apply eyeliner. I am almost blind in one eye which makes it a lot harder. Use small feathery strokes instead of drawing with one continuous line.

Notice how the more makeup I apply the more obvious it is my eyes are 2 different shapes and sizes? It has frustrated many makeup artists. There are tips and tricks to make my eyes look the same, but I didn't do any of them in this post.

Next, apply mascara to your eyelashes. I have blonde lashes naturally, add mascara and BOOM!

Mascara is one of my favourite makeup items and one I  am virtually never without. I prefer not to use waterproof ones, but this particular one is waterproof. 

Next I used the blush at the top of my cheek bones to give some definition and 'glow'. Then applied the lip gloss to finish the look.

Makeup is mostly about playing around, seeing what you like or don't like, experimenting and getting comfortable with it. Each era has some definite looks which are worth learning. 

What era is your favourite for makeup?